...And his name is called The Word of God. Rev.19:13
Where Jesus Christ is Lord!

By: Pastor Abraham Bascon

The word, 'Barak' in the Hebrew means: To give God GREAT and HIGH PRAISE. To PRAISE with ALL your soul. So often, folks come to church burdened with problems on their minds. They don't FEEL like praising God. In PSALM 103, we are to COMMAND our soul to BLESS THE GOD! Bless God with ALL your emotions! With ALL your being! And with ALL your soul! One might say:
"Well,I don't have anything to bless Him for at the moment. In fact, I am experiencing more like curses rather than blessings at this time! I just don't FEEL like praising and blessing the Lord." But, remember what God's Word tells us in 2Co 5:7(For we walk by faith, NOT by sight:) Walk by FAITH, and PRAISE God anyway! In spite of our trials, tribulations, problems etc.. PRAISE HIM anyway!! BLESS His holy name! Who are you blessing anyway: your dog, your cat or mere man? No! PSALM 103:2 says:
You're blessing GOD! The Word says:
Forget NOT His benefits! You bless the Most Holy of Holies and forget NOT ALL He has done for you! God is here! The Word says that HE will sing praises among the brethren!
There are many reason that we ought to bless the Lord!

Here are some reasons to bless the Lord:
1. Ps.103:3- God FORGIVES ALL our iniquities!
2. Ps.103:3- He HEALS ALL of our diseases!
3. Ps.103:4- He REDEEMS US from destruction! Praise God for JOHN 3:16 - God "divinely intervenes" for us, by sending His Only Begotten Son, the Lord Jesus Christ!
4. Ps.103:4- God CROWNS US with His lovingkindness and tender mercies! God's LOVE for us is even GREATER than the love that our earthly parent's have showered us with! How GREAT? Try multiplying their love by trillions of trillions of times! That is how GREAT God's LOVE is!
5. Ps.103:5- God satisfies our mouth with GOOD things! He supplies ALL of our NEED according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus! PHIL.4:19
6. Ps.103:5- " that your youth is RENEWED like the eagle's!
7. Ps.103:6- He executes righteousness and justice for ALL who are oppressed! Rich or poor, God will still judge you with righteousness and justice!
8. Ps.103:7- God reveals His ways to us. He made known His ways to Moses and His People. He revealed Himself, and showed Himself to be a God of righteousness, strength, forgiveness, the God that saves, heals, delivers etc.. even at the most neediest times of your life! God is always there, to support us!
9. Ps.103:8- Our God is merciful and gracious! He is always abounding in mercy! He is slow to anger! He is merciful and gracious! He OVERFLOWS with His mercy, unlike us!
10. Ps.103:9- He will NOT be angry with us forever! He is NOT like man. We must show a little mercy and grace. Man says: "I will forgive you; but, don't let it happen again." The person walks away happy, free and rejoicing because you have extended mercy. But, for some reason, next time that same person offends you, you remind them of what they did to you thirty years ago!
They would probably say: "I thought you forgave me for that thirty years ago!" Man does NOT forget too easily! GOD'S mercy remembers NO MORE!
Ps.103:10- As soon as someone offends us, we just want to tear their nose off and offend them! But, God does NOT handle situations the same way that we do! Yes, we deserve death and hell; but, God intervens with His GREAT mercies! Instead of getting what we deserved; He makes it possible to make salvation(deliverance) available to you by way of the Lord Jesus Christ.
JOHN 3:16
Ps.103:11- That is the extent of God's mercies toward us! We cannot exhaust His mercy! The very height of God's mercy is the distance between earth and heaven!
Ps.103:12- God has removed our transgressions as far as the East is to the West! And, He remembers them NO MORE! There is NO END! His mercies CANNOT be measured! How far is the East from the West? It's an absolute strait line that cannot be measured! God is NOT like man! His mercies endure FOREVER!
Ps.103:13- Just as a father has compassion and lovingkindness toward his children; our heavenly Father does likewise in His tender mercies! And, He has MUCH MORE than an earthly father!
Ps.103:14- God knows our make-up. He remembers that we are dust! We are NOT His equal! We are frail. HE's the Potter; and, we are the clay! He knows our frame. When we offend someone, we expect them NOT to behave in a fragile manner with their emotions towards us. If we are dust; and, if you add a little water to dust, what do you have? You have MUD! God knows this!
Are you getting 'stirred' inside?
Ps.103:17- To such who keep His Word! And, this book is NOT able to list EVERY benefit that God has for us! But we can say:
"BLESS the LORD, O' my soul! BLESS the LORD with ALL my being!
With ALL my mind and power!"
In Ps.103:21-BLESS the LORD all ye ministers(meaning: servants)
I shared with you about God's mercy and how it can intervene in bad situations that we find ourselves in. In 2 CHRONICLES 7:14, God's Word tells us to HUMBLE ourselves, to PRAY, to SEEK His face, to TURN from our wicked ways...THEN, He WILL hear from heaven and heal, deliver, save, rescue them from "any" circumstances that they are in! We must have a sincere and contrite heart.
A "contrite" heart, is a heart that has been "pulverized!" That's a "contrite" heart! Has it worked for YOU? Yes, God is faithful ALL the time! The last time that you used 2CHRON.7:14, honest: Was God's mercy extended to YOU? Many times, you say? Yes, you might say: "It has worked for me the first time I called for it; why isn't it working NOW?
Or you might say: "Not all the mercies that I asked for, have been extended to me." Some, I am still waiting for! It's when you are honest, that you will see deliverance and receive that mercy that you requested!
This is an important Word; because, there are a lot of folks still waiting for that mercy from God! Look at the Word of God in HEBREWS 4:16, to help us to understand; so that we will NOT cheat ourselves of God's blessing! Heb 4:16-says: "Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need." We can obtain mercy and find grace to help in the time of our need!
Do YOU have a NEED? GOD CAN fulfill that need in His mercy and grace will give you fulfillment of that need! How do we then receive His divine mercy and divine enablement?
When you go to the Throne of Grace, GO BOLDLY! Go with FAITH!
With TRUST and CONFIDENCE in GOD! Approach the throne with full confidence and trust! DO NOT hesitate! Don't doubt! Come BOLDLY!
DO NOT waver; but, come EXPECTING!
In times past, when subjects would approach their king,they would be so afraid of their king, that they would prostrate themselves to the ground and not even look at the king. They would approach the king while shaking in their boots! God says: When we approach the Throne of Grace, expect to receive from God! When we come to the Throne of Grace, we should NOT come shaking in our boots! And, DON'T be arrogant towards God you, Mud!!
HE is GOD! And He extends mercy to those who have RESPECT toward Him! You might be thinking: "I know that it has worked for me in the past; however, I am still waiting for His mercy. What happened?
MATTHEW 5:7-says: "Blessed are the merciful;for, they shall obtain mercy."Have YOU applied MATTHEW 5:7 in YOUR life? It worked for you in the early stage of your Christian walk, NOW, GOD expects us to have grown and to grow in spiritual maturity --- STUDY HIS WORD! 2 TIMOTHY 2:15. If you have NOT applied MATTHEW 5:7; then, you are missing a very important ingredient! You have NOT been merciful toward others!
LUKE 6:36- Clearly tells us to be merciful as our Father is merciful!We need to demonstrate mercy by extending it to others!
We must forgive ALL iniquities and ALL those who have offended us, just as our heavenly Father is merciful toward us! Ps.103:8 We need to be MERCIFUL and GRACIOUS at ALL times. We need to be SLOW to ANGER! Just how desparately do YOU want God's mercy? In 2 CHRONICLES 20, God intervened and He will do the same for us. His type of mercy is, He is SLOW to anger. If we too are slow to anger, the Holy Spirit will minister to your heart and remind you of just who you are and how you should be. We all need to be abounding in mercy! If YOU are seeking God's mercy; YOU need to be abounding in mercy!
In the God-type of mercy. Be abounding in God's mercy.
We need to have pity, compassion for each other. We, can fail and dissapoint each other at times; but, God's mercy is endless!
Thank You Lord!!