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GOD'S MERCY, GIVE HIM THANKS! By:Pastor Abraham Bascon

We must experience God's mercy numerous times throughout the day. I myself, would say that I experience God's mercy twenty-four hours a day! And,Praise God that His mercy abounds FOREVER!
We are all here tonight, by God's mercy! We have all arrived here safely, and without incident. We should all be aware of God's mercy! God tells us that we are "precious" in His sight. We are His prize possessions! We're not perfect of course, not while we are still in this world; however, we, as believers of the Lord Jesus Christ,will experience the 'ultimate perfection'
when we are in heaven with the Lord!
And, you will experience God's mercy more and more if you truly love Him and live your life for Him! If you never slip or fall, you will not experience God's mercy in that way.
What I consider offensive toward God, may not be offensive to you. What you believed was a sin yesterday, may not be a sin today.
But, our God is GOOD! If I have offended a man in the slightest way, I would probably be dead. But, I know that our Most Holy God and His mercy, is there for me! Praise God! Instead of being punished in a cruel manner, (as man would do to each other), God is GOOD! His mercy is there! He indeed is good! As Marie testified earlier: STOP,and GIVE THANKS unto the LORD, for His mercy endures FOREVER! Listen to the GOODNESS, the MERCY and the LOVINGKINDNESS of God!

I am REDEEMED! Just ONE drop of His Precious Blood, cleansed me! I am the Redeemed of the LORD! Certainly NOT by my own works, or by my own righteousness, (for MY righteousness is as filthy rags!) But as JOHN 3:16 tells us: God demoed His GREAT LOVE toward US! God literally took on a human body; and, was able to give the 'ultimate sacrifice' for the payment of the sins of the world! We are the Redeemed of the LORD!

I would like to share from PSALM 107 tonight. In verse 1, we read: "Oh, give thanks to the LORD, for He is GOOD!" And again I repeat: "Oh, give THANKS to the LORD, for He is GOOD! For His MERCY endures FOREVER!" Verse 2 says: "Let the REDEEMED of the LORD say SO...Whom He has REDEEMED from the hand of the enemy.."
We, belivers, are redeemed from the hand of the enemy! Take it physically or spiritually; because, we all have enemies! I have enemies because I preach the Gospel of Christ! When folks hear the Gospel, there is the 'conviction' of the Holy Spirit that comes upon them. When there is 'conviction,' they become
'born-again,' and; if, they are married and have an 'unsaved' husband or wife, a problem can arise; and, quite often does!
For example: Many years ago, a particular woman and her children
got saved;but, her unsaved husband became very jealous. He felt
that I was taking his family away from him! He threatened me and
told me that he had a gun, and he was going to shoot me! Well, Praise God, God redeemed me from my enemy! I certainly give thanks to God for that! His mercy stands FOREVER!

In PSALM 107, beginning in verse 3, the Word of God speaks of the Israelites in the wilderness. They were in bad way.
No food, no water, no permanent home! They were wandering out in the wilderness in a desolate way! Verse 6 says: 'THEN' they cried out to the LORD in their trouble, And, HE DELIVERED them out of their distresses! And He led them forth by the right way..."

Again, in verse 8 we read: "Oh, that MEN would give THANKS to the LORD for His GOODNESS, And for His wonderful works to the children of men!" How awesome and how good our God is!! "Oh, GIVE HIM THANKS!!"

Now, Just as God DELIVERS them out of their distresses, what do you think they did next?? Verse 11 has the answer. They REBELLED
against the words of God, And DESPISED the counsel of the Most High! Yes, they REBELLED,they DIDN'T take heed of God's counsel!
They turned their backs on God! Continuing on to verse 12, God brought down their heart with labor; they fell down, and there was NONE to help!
Does that sound familiar? When all is going well, and you are prospering, everyone comes around! You seem to have plenty of friends! However, when you are down, there is NONE to help! (You might want to call them "fair-weather" friends).

Continuing on with reading, verse 12 tells us they were 'down and out' and check out what they did when they were 'down and out!' Verse 13-14 says; "THEN" they cried out to the LORD in their trouble, And, He SAVED them out of their distresses!" Verse 15 - Again, we read: "Oh, that MEN would give THANKS to the LORD for His GOODNESS, And for His wonderful works to the children of men!" Verses 17-18 calls them 'fools', because of their transgression, And because of their iniquities, they were afflicted..." And again, we read in verse 19-"THEN," they cried out to the LORD in their trouble!"

Now, be reminded: When they were down, desparate, no home...
What did God do? Answer: He delivered them! When they cried out to the LORD, He DIDN'T say: "Say, what?" or "Oh,You want Me to deliver you again?" No! God's MERCY was there!! He DELIVERED them, He FED them, He gave them a city! Be reminded, that God chastens His people, so that they will return to Him!

How many times have you gone out of your way and helped someone;
and, when they get back up on their feet, they tell you: "Aloha!
Syonara!" No appreciation, no gratitude! Things are going great for them now. THEN, before you know it, they fall back again!
And again they come to you to help them out again; and, what do you say? Answer: No way! But, look what GOD'S reaction is!

His mercy endures FOREVER! You, me and everyone else, will NOT be able to empty God's Resovior of MERCY!! God's MERCY towards US is 24/7 and 50/7 or even 10000000/7!! How much is His MERCY toward YOU each day?? "Oh, THANK the LORD!!" He has redeemed us and saved us! And when we have fallen, He redeems us and saves us! "Oh, THANK the LORD!"
If not for His mercy BEFORE I was saved, 35 years ago, I believe
I would have been dead! And,when I had realized that I was down in the gutter, and there was no hope for me, at the lowest point
of my life, I cried out to God for help! He immediately answered
me and saved me! And, because of my faith, and my accepting
Christ, I became a NEW creature in Christ and I was assured of my eternal life!
I thank the Lord that my wife is here; and, is also saved! And, she DOESN'T put herself between God and me! And, there are some
pastors, whose wives have NOT supported them. Ministry has it's share of problems; but, it also has it's share of God's MERCIES!

I look at this place that the LORD has given to us; and, I see a beautiful roomy sanctuary with comfortable padded's
almost like Hawaii!! We have been in buildings where the heat didn't work properly and we were paying high rent. I am here tonight giving GOD THANKSGIVING! GOD gave the Word of God Church
this building! For His MERCY endures FOREVER!! Let us give GOD THANKSGIVING that we are here tonight!!

Let the REDEEMED of the LORD say SO!!

"Oh, that men would give THANKS to the LORD for His GOODNESS, And for His WONDERFUL WORKS to the children of men!" PS.107:15

WE THANK YOU LORD! Lord bless you all!