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OLIVE TREES & PALM TREES  By:Pastor Abraham Bascon


As we read MATT.21:1-4- We see Jesus meeting at the Mount of Olives, one of His favorite places where He would retreat and be together with His disciples.
MATT.21:9 also speaks of an event that has been fulfilled through the Lord Jesus. Although the people at that time were speaking spiritual things, in ZECH.9:9 we can clearly see, they didn’t do it because they knew and understood who it was that ZECH.9:9 was referring to. These people could not spiritually discern the actions of Jesus at that particular event. Reason being, because in order to discern spiritual things, you first need to become spiritual! You must become born from above! Jesus Himself, speaks clearly of this in JOHN 3.

1COR.2:14-Apostle Paul also is very clear, that: ” The natural man receives not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.” These folks, were not at the spiritual experience, for Jesus was not yet glorified. Jesus had not yet died.

In the Book of MATTHEW, a believer of The Lord Jesus Christ, is spiritual here, and Matthew now writes his gospel for us, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit,with spiritual understanding.
He now uses the prophecy of ZECH.9 that would set His people free. That God will liberate them!
But, what those people could only see, was the temporal aspect of that event; and, not the spiritual. In MATT. 21:1- At the Mount of Olives, Jesus and His disciples spent a lot of time there. We can see why it would be one of their favorite places to retreat to. You heard how Jesus raised the widow’s dead son at the funeral. And how the young man became alive! And, how Jesus raised Jarius’ young daughter from the dead. But, when He raised Lazarus from the dead, Lazarus’s sister said to Jesus: You don’t want to go there Jesus, for he has been dead for four days, and he stinks! But Jesus responded to her:
“I am The Resurrection and The Life.........” And, Jesus called out to Lazarus saying: “Lazarus, come forth!” And, immediately, Lazarus came forth! And many people were present there, and they witnessed this event. And the word of this event, spread like wild fire!

Jesus again stopped at the Mt.of Olives, where there were groves
of olive trees growing there. It was from here, that Jesus sent His disciples forth to get the colt that He would ride into Jerusalem upon. ZECH.9 and MATT.21:1-3.

In MATT.21:8 we read of the very great multitude that was
present,and had spread their garments in the way; while others cut down branches from the trees, and strawed them in the way, as Jesus was riding toward the city of Jerusalem. People had heard what Jesus had done with Lazarus; and there were
eyewitnesses to that event also were there. What do you think you would do, if someone were to tell you of such an event? You would probably be right there to check it out! Who or what man could do such a thing? Elijah saved the widow’s son by breathing
mouth to mouth to him. But Jesus went to Lazarus’ grave and called out to him, and b-o-o-m! Lazarus came forth!! No matter where Jesus went, a crowd would gather!

And, as Jesus rode into the city, the Holy Spirit would fall upon some of the people, and some of them were shouting out: Hosanna! Hosanna to The Son of David! Blessed is He who comes in The Name of The Lord! They cut palm branches from the trees, and spread them before Him! Shouting out: “He is our King!”

There are several different species of palm trees. Coconut trees that stand 400 feet in the air! There are date palms, royal palm trees that stand pretty tall, strait and stately. That is why they call them the royal psalm trees! These people went and cut branches from the trees. Only one person at a time could climb this type of tree, grab a branch and chop it off. It is a very slow process, cutting branches from such high trees! But, here they are talking about multitudes being there.

However,in the Gospel of John, John says that they cut branches from the palm trees. In the Gospel of Matthew, we read they had to get a lot of branches.This would be a very difficult process
for them to cut a lot of branches from palm trees. However, they
were in the vicinity of The Mount of Olives. And, what grows there? Olive trees of course! So, why not cut the branches from the Olive Trees as well? These trees were not as tall or as high as the palm trees. And there were groves of Olive trees right there where they were. And, Olive Trees have plenty of branches; they were also not as tall or as high as palm trees! You could also have six or eight people cutting branches at the same time.

What is the significance of the Palm branches? They are symbolic
of victory! REV.7-John saw a great number of people of different
kindreds and nations, who were shouting before The Throne of God
in great jubilation: “Salvation belongs to God!” This is a symbol of victory! The victory had not yet been won; Jesus had not yet gone to The Cross. But it was a sign of the impending victory, that was to come!The Messiah who would come to liberate
them! “Hosanna, God saves, delivers and heals! God save us now! God, heal us now! God, deliver us now!!”

If you were being oppressed and dominated by other governments, and even your own leaders, you too, would see that your
salvation, your deliverance, your healing was there! So, they shouted: “Hosanna to The Son of David! Blessed is He who comes in The Name of The Lord! He’s our Savior, our Deliverer, our Healer!!” Now, we can be as Moses declared to the people: that they would be the head, and not the tail; above only and not beneath!!!! They were hungry, desperate, beaten up and oppressed
for a number of years. They really were the conquerors,the elite
of all nations! They saw Jesus, but did not perceive Him as God intended. As the King who comes to liberate us from sin and
death! The people were only looking for their temporal needs, and not their spiritual needs! The temporal things all fade away, the spiritual things are forever! But they were all blind.
Their hope of being restored was gone. It was the liberality of their souls; not the statutes of their society that God was concerned for. The only victory for them was through Jesus’ shedding His Blood on The Cross! In REV.7:9-10 we read of the prayer of victory!We see where The Church initiates this worship
before the Throne of God in verses 11-12.

Scripture tells us: narrow is the way.... Many folks interpret
this as not many people are going to make it to heaven. (Perhaps like Jehovah Witnesses that say only 144,000 will be saved.) However, in REV.7:9 - John clearly states: “I beheld, and lo, a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues, stood before the throne, and before the Lamb......” This tells us that the Mission of Jesus and of His Church is successful! Different nations, languages etc.. you cannot count them! We are on the side of VICTORY!! Not just me and you and a few; but we can’t even count them! You might even see the person you never thought
was going to make it. And you may ask them, how they got there. And they will answer:“ By The Blood!!” Doesn’t it feel great to know that we are on the winning side!! We are the majority!! Now we know the significance of why Jesus was riding into Jerusalem -- He is The Messiah, Our King of Kings, Our Savior, Our Leader! He was going into Jerusalem to get our
In REV. 7:9-10 according to John, they are holding up the branches before The Lamb of God upon The Throne. Instead of riding upon a donkey; Jesus is now sitting on that Throne! The highest Throne of Heaven! Now multitudes stand before the Throne
of Grace! They are waving palm branches with new garments!! Remember, in Matthew’s Gospel, they also laid down their garments.

But now in REV.7 you see them all clean with white robes on! Salvation is from God!! What God says, He delivers!! Multitudes are in front of The Throne! The Blood really worked, and God was able to deliver!!!

REV.7:12-Mission accomplished! We are no longer anticipating!
It is already true and written in The Book! Jesus is Our King of Kings! Why do they call it Palm Sunday? Why not Olive Tree Sunday or Donkey Sunday? And everyone say: “He-Haw!” Or maybe Hosanna Sunday. Why? Because King Jesus already delivered, already healed us! That’s why we can call it KING SUNDAY! Or, KING OF KINGS SUNDAY! Salvation to our God! AMEN and AMEN! You have to look and accept Jesus for your spiritual need! Not just your temporal needs! MATT. 6:33-“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness;and ALL these things shall be
added unto you.”
Take off your filthy garment, lay it down, so you can be handed a new white robe! Made white by The Blood of JESUS! Seek Him for your spiritual needs as well as your temporal.
Not only will He give you a white robe; but, a palm branch too! Praise God!