...And his name is called The Word of God. Rev.19:13
Where Jesus Christ is Lord!

If You Have The Mind Of Christ, You Must Have ESP!

Now don’t go getting all excited……the ESP that I am talking about is not what you may be thinking of! The kind of ESP that I am referring to is the kind that God gives to every believer! That is…….
“Eternal Spiritual Perception” is what God equips believers with, in order for us to utilize the Mind Of Christ in the manner that God intends us to! Studying, learning and living our lives according to God’s Word; that God may be glorified! That the world will see Jesus in every true believer!

In 1 COR. 2:7-16 - We are told that we, believers of The Lord Jesus Christ, have the mind of Christ. The natural man, does not receive the things of God, they are foolishness to him; neither can he know (understand, perceive) them; for, they are spiritually discerned. As we study the Word of God, we see that there is a natural man, and a spiritual man. The natural man cannot understand God’s Wisdom. The natural man has eyes; but cannot see;and ears; but he cannot hear.
In MATTHEW 13:10-17 you can read what Jesus says concerning having “eyes to see, and ears to hear.”
When God created man,He created him with five senses. The sense of sight, smell,hearing, tasting and touch. Our minds, receive data, and stores this information into our memory reserving this information for either immediate or future use.
What we put into our minds, is what we become.
We get what we see, hear, smell, taste and touch. If you fill your mind with junk…garbage… that is what you will become!
The mind is a beautiful thing. It is like a computer with a lot of “chips” in there, that collect all the data.
If you only feed your mind worldly, carnal or sensual things; that is what you will become. That is the personality that you will develop. There is nothing wrong with becoming intelligent by way of our five senses.
The People of God have to be a People of Intelligence!
After all, we are made in the image of God!
And our God is most certainly an intelligent God! He is Omniscient, meaning: “all-knowing, all-wise.” He is also Omnipotent, meaning: “all-powerful.”
And, Our God is Omnipresent, meaning: God is “all-present.” God is present everywhere, all at the same time.

As believers, we must grow in God’s Grace and His Knowledge. We must be informed of what is going on around us. Who is going to listen to a “dummy” anyway? As a natural man, what you know, may cause you to become the smartest person on earth.

Maybe a great inventor, philosopher, lawyer, doctor, housewife, husband or even a great child ---- but if you do not become spiritual, you cannot see or perceive the things of The Kingdom of God! You must become born-again, or born from above. Jesus makes this very clear in John 3:3! You must become a “new” creation in Christ! (2 COR. 5:17)

You can become a genius, an Einstein, and the world will applaud your accomplishments; but, they will never get you into The Kingdom of Heaven! The things of God, are foolishness to the natural man. But the foolishness of God, is wiser than men! (1 COR. 1:25).

Again I remind you, that Jesus says: unless you are born-again or born of the Holy Spirit of God, you will not be able to enter or to see (perceive, understand) The Kingdom Of God! You will not be able to understand the things of God!

What is the sixth sense? This sixth sense that is often referred to as “extra sensory perception.” In ACTS 8:9 - We read of a man called Simon who had this sixth sense. In verses 9-11, we read that this is what Simon had and used, to benefit himself and to pass himself off as the great power of God! And, another word for it, would be called witchcraft! Simon was able to bewitch and deceive the people! People who are in the occult, clear-voiant, fortune-telling etc.. These people with this so called sixth sense, profit from folks who are oppressed and vexed with unclean spirits! But wait a minute…… How many people know there is a seventh sense??

(Something that I coined this morning.) The good ESP! (Eternal Spiritual Perception) Not all men were born with this!
Sin separated man from God. Man became spiritually dead and void of the seventh sense! When reading a book, the average person starts from the front of the book, and reads through to the back of the book. Many times, I, myself tried to get something out of the Bible before I became born-again.
I would begin reading from the front,and find various things interesting until I would get to the genealogy chapters and it would become very boring, and I would stop reading and end up closing the book.
This was so, because the natural man receives “zero” from the spiritual mind of God! And, God does not want you ignorant or unknowledgeable in the area of spiritual things.

Apostle Paul makes mention of this subject in various scriptures such as: 1 COR. 12:1, COR 10:1, 2 PETER 2:8.

In 1 COR.1:16, Paul reminds the Corinthian Christians that believers have the mind of Christ!
We should be able to understand and discern “spiritual” things!

By studying God’s Word and gaining knowledge and understanding of it, we should be able to understand spiritual things such as God’s nature and His Wisdom etc.. For the most part, we do understand certain mysteries of God by way our “extra eternal spiritual perception” (ESP).
However, when you tell the world about JOHN 3:16 for instance, the unbeliever doesn’t know what everlasting life is!

If you should ask them the question:“Do you want to go to hell?”
They immediately think that you are being judgmental toward them. They function totally in the area of the five senses. And, that is where you have to go to reach them! Perhaps at a time when they are experiencing tribulations. That certainly is a good time to tell them about The Lord and His Great Love for them.

We must always keep in mind, that we do not and must not preach judgment and condemnation; but, to relate in the areas of their personal hardships that they have experienced or may be going
through. (Hurts, emotional stress, sicknesses etc…. )
Here, FAITH is the greatest ingredient. FAITH that The Bible is The Word of God, and that your very life is based upon God’s Word. God’s Words, are not just idle words; but, they are your life! You must hear it, and receive it into your spirit! And, ultimately, you must live it!

And the seventh sense, (that you possess after becoming spiritual or born-again) opens the door to spiritual knowledge and understanding. 2 COR.2:14
In this passage, the word “us” refers to the apostles and believers, so that the people will grow unto maturity in the Wisdom of God.
In 1 COR. 2:5 -The Word says: “That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.”
In JOHN 18:38, Pontius Pilate asked Jesus: “What is truth?” Pilate could not understand, because he was a natural man.
In JOHN 10:10, we read that Jesus came to give us life, and life more abundantly! Jesus came to give YOU the ADVANTAGE! By His death on the cross and resurrection, He has placed every
believer into a life of prosperity (in every area), of the highest kind! A life with GOD! Even in our most prosperous times
when we may receive great spiritual blessings such as financial
blessings etc.. even the greatest financial blessing should not allow us, to turn our backs on The Lord! After all, money is not our God! We should look at such a blessing as a way to serve
The Lord! God will bless you, so that you may bless others! That is what a blessing means!

How blessed we are to know The Lord and His Word! To know what to do when tribulations come our way. When we stand in our faith and trust in God, we will have the ADVANTAGE over ALL
our trials that come upon us! There is NOTHING too difficult for God!! JER. 32:27 Some folks go through difficult times and some even take their own lives because they don’t know what else to do. When troubled times hit you, what do you do? Do you go to pieces or do you go to God?? In Christ, we know what to do. In Jesus, we shall have Peace! If we should pass on before Jesus’return, we know we shall be in The Lord’s Presence!

We shall be resurrected from the dead, because we believe! We know that that is Graduation Day for us! Jesus is The Way, The Truth and The Life; and He will raise us up on the last day! Praise God! We must live for The Lord! That is our reason for living! We are “kings and priests” of The Most High God! We are reigning with Him today, on this earth! Demons must be subject to us; not us subject to them! LUKE 10:19-20.
These are “spiritual” things, and we should have them!
And, Jesus says we do have them! Reign here, for you have access to The Tree of Life and you should be in the presence of The Lord for eternity! Stay under the shadow of the Almighty! PSALM 91. The day will come, when we shall see Him face to face!
How blessed we, believers are! We have eyes to see(to perceive and understand), and ears to hear and understand the things of God! These are spiritual blessings from The Lord, given to those who love God!! To God be the Glory!!