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FAITH WITHOUT DOUBT- PT2 BY: Pastor Abraham Bascon

BY: Pastor Abraham Bascon

We spoke of the persecutions and sufferings of the First Century Church; that Jesus tells us in JOHN 16:33 that we too, in this world SHALL suffer tribulation; how FAITH is defined; how
believers MUST APPLY their faith, doubting NOT; that the smallest
amount of doubt WILL NULLIFY faith; Jesus assures us of having complete and total reliance upon God and His Word; by doing so, incredible and even miraculous 'works of faith' CAN and DO occur when God's Word is backed by our faith, WITHOUT DOUBT.


Again, I left off in PART 1 with the fact that I, myself have experienced and seen numerous 'works of faith' where even the miraculous has occured. We can all experience the evidence of things not YET seen as HEBREWS 11:1 speaks of. Believers of the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word, have to "learn" faith. Apostle Paul tells us: Rom 10:17- So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. One motto that we keep in mind here at the Word of God Church is: The MORE you KNOW, the MORE you GROW; and, the MORE you GROW, the MORE equipped you become to bring others to the Lord Jesus Christ.
Your faith, will only be as great as the amount of your knowledge and right understanding of God's Word. Again, we must "learn" faith.
We are commanded to STUDY God's Word in 2TIMOTHY 2:15. And, we must APPLY God's Word by FAITH, DOUBTING NOT! DOUBT is an ENEMY
of FAITH! DOUBT will NULLIFY FAITH! DOUBTING, can also be defined as "hesitation." Doubt can also be explained in other ways, as to discredit the Power and Ability and the Promises of God! And, WITHOUT FAITH, it is IMPOSSIBLE to PLEASE God! HE.11:6
For he who comes to God, MUST BELIEVE that He IS! Simply put: that God DOES EXIST! To PLEASE God, you MUST BELIEVE that God exists; and, that He is a REWARDER of those who DILIGENTLY seek Him! How 'diligently' to YOU seek God? How diligently do YOU PRAY and STUDY His Word? For, the MORE you KNOW, the MORE you GROW in the KNOWLEDGE of God; and, the GREATER your FAITH becomes! How important is the point that I am focusing on? So much so, that God enforces this Word with the Elders of the church in JAMES 5:14-15.
ELDERS of the Church, have a RESPONSIBILITY to God. If a person who is sick; and really believed what the Word of God says, they may come to YOU (ELDER) and say: "I'm sick, will you please pray over me?" What you would do, is anoint them with oil and pray the prayer of FAITH. GOD is the HEALER! What we need to do is just to follow God's instructions! Elders must be well informed in God's Word. We know how to pray. Pray in FAITH, DOUBTING NOT! And, as I previously mentioned in Part 1, Jesus said: "I assure you, I guarantee you SHALL have GOOD results! Mar 11:22- And JESUS answering SAITH unto them, Have faith in God.
Mar 11:23 For VERILY (meaning: truly, assuredly) I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall NOT DOUBT IN, HIS HEART, but shall BELIEVE that those things which he saith SHALL come to pass; he SHALL have WHATSOEVER he saith.
Mark 11:24 Therefore I SAY unto YOU, What things soever YOU desire, when YOU pray, BELIEVE tha YOU RECEIVE them, and YOU SHALL have them. Now, let me ask you: how many years does it take to become a doctor? About eight years or so. Doctors study medicine, many various techniques and pracitices and the application of them. They train diligently and to the very best of their ability, they perfect their skills and techniques and they are done with great care and skill. Doctors, while studying, have to cram a lot of medical knowledge into their minds; as well as complete an internship sometime within their schooling. It certainly takes a long time; is very costly; but,
eventually their hard work pays off for them. Medical doctors or doctors in the "physical" realm. If one was to ask their doctor for spiritual advice or to lay hands on them and pray for them, their doctor would probably suggest that the patient seek out a Pastor or an elder who is very knowlegeable and trained in
"spiritual" matters, who could offer them sound 'spiritual' counsel by rightly dividing God's Word, and to pray with them.
Christians too, are commanded by God's Word to study the Word to show yourself approved unto God; and, to rightly divide the Word. 2TIMOTHY 2:15 For, Christians are to be "spiritual" doctors so to speak. Now, let me say that Christians who eventually are called to be elders, also must study God's Word. And, study the Word for at least eight years or more day and night! You have to put in the time to study, to literally
'investigate' God's Word to become a "spiritual" physician! We must put in the time to study the Word, to 'learn' our faith, so that we will be knowledgeable in the time of sickness and disease. And,not knowledgeable of what WE, ourselves might think;
but, of what God's Word tells us! Study God's Word diligently day and night; and, learn the G-O-S-P-I-L-L! When a doctor messes up, he gets a malpractice suit, because of ignorance.
Some folks might say: "I've been a Christian for thirty years or more, and I can do this or that!" They may begin to pray with someone their so-called prayer of faith such as: "O' God, if it be Your will, I am really hoping that You would heal this person..." and so on... Beware: Some folks will go through all the motions while praying; but, they DO NOT have the Word in their heart. They have NOT "investigated" the Word of God! They
are in the 'hoping' stage! Or, when they are called to pray for the very sick, they will come and pray for a happy death; rather than for healing! After praying, they might even say: "I hope he makes it through the night." I have experienced when I was called to pray for one particular woman who was dying of Cancer.
And, when I arrived at the hospital, one of the family members suggested that I pray for a 'happy death' for the sick woman. I immediately explained to all present that I was there NOT to pray for a 'happy death,' but, for HEALING just as God's Word tells us to do! I was there to pray the PRAYER of FAITH for healing! And, please again I remind you that I am NOT the healer; but, GOD is the HEALER! And, I give ALL Glory to the Lord for this sweet woman's healing; for she was totally and completely healed of the Cancer! Praise God! JESUS tells us in the Word: Mat 19:26- But JESUS beheld them, and SAID unto them, With MEN this is IMPOSSIBLE; but with GOD ALL things are POSSIBLE. We are to pray the PRAYER OF FAITH, BELIEVING, totally trusting and relying upon God, His Word and His ability to perform His Word!
God is the Healer! You did YOUR part, the rest is between God and the person. Doctors stick to what they were taught and what they learned and were trained for in Medical School. After eight or more years they apply their knowledge and techniques. They do not focus on 'religion' in their medical profession. They would tell you to go to a minister or priest for prayer.
Now, let me also say that there are also times in a Christian's life, when (even after years of their studying God's Word), for some reason or another, their condition doesn't improve. And, perhaps they want to seek medical attention. We should 'NEVER' tell them NOT to do that! As a Christian, and a Believer in God's Word, we focus on the "spiritual;" while the medical doctors focus on the "physical." 'NEVER' tell anyone to stop taking their medications. What did Jesus do in such a case? Jesus told them to go and show themselves to the priest!
(Luke 5:14, Matt.8:4, Mark 1:44) In other words: Before a person stops taking any medications prescribed by their doctor, they must see their doctor FIRST. Christians should NEVER tell anyone to stop taking their medication! Something very serious could happen, and they would have a lawsuit on their hands! Rather, tell the person to go to their doctor, and let their doctor to
'confirm' the healing. Very important!
When it comes to praying with the sick, you should always make certain that the person who comes to pray for the sick,'rightly' divides God's Word! That they have a 'clear' and 'correct' understanding of God's Word! And, when prayer is ministered in faith, and according to God's instructions in His Word, you will have wonderful results! Remember: No praying for a happy death; but, for HEALING! Believe me, that sick woman that I told you about who was dying with Cancer, certainly did NOT look good when I first arrived at that hospital to pray for her. She looked like she was on her last leg! I anointed her with oil, prayed the Prayer of FAITH with her for HEALING and the HEALING from Cancer was confirmed by her doctors, and she was released to go home within two days! All Glory to God!! Let me also remind you to NOT pray according to your emotions! Emotions can turn AGAINST FAITH! And remember, YOU are NOT the healer!! GOD IS! When you are done with praying, get out of there! Get out of GOD'S way! Let GOD do the rest! Let GOD DO IT!! If you hang around, DOUBT can come in!
If you believe that you are healed from any infirmity, go to your doctor and let him confirm your healing. If you are truly and legitamately healed, YOU WILL GLORIFY GOD!! (PART 2 OF 2)