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By: Pastor Abraham Bascon
Word of God Church, Brockton, MA.02301

No matter how BIG or how small YOUR troubles are....there IS a word HERE for YOU TODAY!

We DON'T have to be a genius or even a scholar to know that we are living in very challenging days, very troubled days. Some troubles that folks are experiencing, even cause them to be unable to sleep at night! Some folks will even find themselves asking: "What have I done to deserve this? HELP ME LORD!" Keep in mind, that this word is for ALL of us, trials or NO trials! After all, we ALL know that NO man is exempt from trials or troubles! In 1COR.10:13, we read: "There hath NO "temptation" taken YOU but such as is common to man: but God IS faihful, who will NOT "suffer" YOU to be tempted above that YOU are able; but with the temptation also make a way to escape, that YOU may be able to bear it." In the Greek language, we see the following: The word: "temptation" meaning: a putting to proof, an experience of evil, adversity. The word: "suffer" meaning: Of uncertain affinity, to let be, that is permit or leave alone, commit, leave or let (alone), to suffer. Also meaning: DEEP or OPEN. Now, tell yourself...

"There is NO "wide open blue ocean" of Hawaii or even right here, that has taken YOU that such is comman to man...

Being Hawaiian, my experience of swimming out into the "wide open blue ocean" of Hawaii (in order to recover my son's boogie-board,) proved to be a "NOT so great" place to be! When you are swimming and swimming and swimming in the "wide and deep ocean" of Hawaii, you ultimately find yourself in the midst of the "frolicking" grounds of whales and sharks! Pelagos! NOT a good place to be!! It DIDN'T take me much longer to realize it either! I really never knew the signifigance of the song: "The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea," that was so popular back some years ago. However, it clicked pretty quick when I found out! My life was much more valuable than a"boogie-board!"(that's what we call a surf board in Hawaii). Well, I can tell you, that I made a real fast "U" turn back to "safer" ground!) Experiencing trials and tribulations in our lives can sometimes be like finding yourself out in the "WIDE and DEEP blue ocean!" And, WITHOUT a LIFE-SAVER! But, Praise God, that HE is NOT the tempter! HE is the LIFE-SAVER! In MATT.4-We see just who the tempter is---the Devil! The Devil tempted Jesus; and, Jesus answered him with the scripture:"Thou shall NOT tempt the Lord thy God!" Evidently, the devil DIDN'T take it that way! The devil is the god (small g) of this world. In verse 8, we see that the devil continued on, and took Jesus up into an exceeding high mountain, and showed Jesus all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them! He told Jesus that he would give it ALL to Him, if Jesus would fall down and worship him.(the devil) Notice, that Jesus did NOT dispute the devil, because the devil won these things when Adam sinned against God in the Garden. A message you might keep in mind here, is: If you want something bad enough in this world, according to the scripture, just bow down before Satan, and you can have it! Many people do bow down before Satan to get what they want! But, God says: "The earth is the Lord's and ALL that is therein!" The point is: The devil is the Tempter, NOT God! DON'T get the notion that YOU are the ONLY ONE going through problems! EVERYONE DOES!But, GOD is faithful! He knows that you are able to go through this temptation! In 1COR.10:13, with the trial, GOD will make a way for your to ENDURE it! God will cause you to be able to STAND UP through it; and, to ENDURE it! God has already tossed out to YOU, The LIFE-SAVER or ALL LIFE-SAVERS, His ONLY BEGOTTEN SON, JESUS!

JAMES 1:2,3-Speaks of "cheerful endurance." The testing of YOUR faith (which is your: confidence, trust and reliance on God) which produces patience! If and when you find YOURSELF in the 'deep blue sea,' you've got to grab hold of JESUS, our LifeSaver! The very Answer to ALL of our problems! So that you will be able to endure! If you give up, you are going to sink! If you stop 'treading water' you're done! It is definitely HAZARDOUS to YOUR health! You've got to hold on to JESUS, The LIFE-SAVER! He WILL strengthen, protect and preserve you as you endure! In 1COR.12- God answers Apostle Paul telling him: "My Grace is sufficient for you!" In many verses of scripture, the word 'grace' is defined as: unmerited favor. In this particular context, 'grace' means: divine enablement!) God "divinely enables" us to endure! His Grace, (His divine enablement) will cause us to be able to 'stand up,' 'to endure' throughout every trial!

If you are experiencing any difficulty or trials in YOUR life, whether BIG or small, why not give God a try? Don't try to solve your problems with your own ability. When you confess to God that you cannot do it on your own, then, and only then, does the Lord say: "My divine enablement is sufficient for you." Turn your life completely to the Lord; and, live for Him! (Click on the 'Born-again' link on the left). God will carry you through the difficult times! He will make you STRONG! Strong enough to "endure" the tribulations in your life! "But the God of ALL Grace who has called us unto His eternal glory by Christ Jesus, AFTER that YOU have SUFFERED A WHILE, (not just 2 minutes!) make you PERFECT (meaning: mature), STABLISH, STRENGTHEN and SETTLE YOU! 1 PETER 5:10 ALLOW GOD to WORK in 'YOUR' LIFE!!

If you live in the general area of Brockton, MA. or perhaps just visiting, we invite YOU and YOURS to come to the WORD of GOD CHURCH to hear anointed preaching and teaching in God's Word! Come and participate with the WOGC Fellowship in giving Praise and Honor to the LORD! You WILL be blest!! HE will change your life for the very BEST! We are praying for YOU; and, would love to hear from YOU!

Lord bless you,

Pastor Abraham