...And his name is called The Word of God. Rev.19:13
Where Jesus Christ is Lord!


By: Pastor Abraham Bascon, The Word of God Church Brockton, Massachusetts 02302

EPHESIANS 2:8,9,10 - These are very wonderful scriptures; and, I believe that they are going to be our foundational scriptures until the Lord Jesus Christ returns personally to take all of us home with Him. Praise God! How many of you are waiting patiently for that day? Hallelujah!

Let me just tell you something very briefly. It's not part of the text that I am about to share with you, however, in reference to the Lord's coming; do you know what? Holy Spirit said to the Apostle Paul: That there is going to be a generation of believers who are going to be here, alive in our human bodies and who will not experience physical death; but, will experience a translation in the twinkling of an eye! At a twinkling of an eye, something very beautiful is going to take place when the Lord Jesus comes! Hallelujah, hallelujah!! Is that what you are waiting for? (Laughter) Praise God! Wait for it; but, don't be anxious for anything! I'm telling you, this life of living your miracle today, right now, words just cannot describe a typical day of this life of miracles! The Life of Miracles, or The Miraculous Life, has a beginning.

And, it begins at EPHESIANS 2, verses 8 and 9, which involves our salvation. Our salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ. I am not going to go into the subject of our salvation right now; although, I had prepared to back every statement that I make with scripture; however, just for right now, I will just bypass that. EPHESIANS 2:8 and 9, deals with the area of our salvation. And, upon being saved by God's Grace through faith, upon trusting and believing in the Lord Jesus Christ, upon repenting of our sins and asking Jesus to be our Lord, our Master, our God of our lives, and of all of our entire life here on earth, YOU, the very day, the very moment that YOU became born-again of the Spirit of God through the Lord Jesus Christ....and may I ask: How many of you here, are born-again of the Lord Jesus Christ? Praise God. I have good news for YOU! YOU are a MIRACLE of GOD!! YOU are a living, walking MIRACLE of God! The beginning of your miracle is when YOU became born-again! I don't know if you quite understand just what a miracle is. But, a miracle is defined as: a supernatural event that takes place, due to divine action. That's a miracle. The divine action of our Lord God Almighty, through the Lord Jesus Christ, made it possible for us believers to become born-again! So, that experience of being born-again, is a supernatural event. It is not an event of the natural! Supernatural is anything that goes beyond the realm that we refer to as the natural realm. Supernatural is a realm that scientists are dumbfounded. They do not understand the supernatural. And so, for the most part, they try to stay away from the miraculous and the supernatural. And, so they would refer to miracles or the things of the supernatural realm as a phenonemon. That's what it is. They have no scientific proof or knowledge of the existence of the supernatural. But, we, who believe, can experience the supernatural right now! So, you must understand that if you have been born-again of the Spirit of God, then, YOU are a MIRACLE! And, YOU'RE a MIRACLE, because of God's divine action in our lives! Scientists will not be able to explain how is it possible that a mere human being can become supernatual. They cannot comprehend, nor understand this. And, the reason being is that the natural man cannot understand the spiritual things of God; because, the things of God, have to be spiritually discerned. So, YOU, whose education might be that you have had four years of college, or YOU who has had twelve years of schooling; and, some of you perhaps under twelve years; but, you are experiencing something that YOU can perceive and understand, that the greatest scientist cannot percieve or understand. YOU, who is a MIRACLE of God! So, stop looking at yourself in the natural realm! Begin to look at yourself in the supernatural! You see, the natural and the supernatural realms, for the believer, co-exists for us! But, of course for those non-believers of Christ, they do not exist. Therefore, they only live their lives in the natural. Look at the advantage that YOU have over these great scientists! Look at the advantage YOU have! Praise God! YOU can see TWO realms! Hallelujah! And, they can only see ONE! And yet, they are struggling with that one! You need to look at yourself as a "new creation" in Christ Jesus! A precious jewel in the sight of the Lord! YOU have been magnificiently made a "new creation," by the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ! And so, in order for us to glorify God, for what He has made us to be, we need to live our lives in the manner in which He had made us to be His sons and daughters. Do not allow the things of the natural world to completely overwhelm us; because, as I said, the supernatural and the miraculous, does co-exist in the natural world! So, stop only living in the natural world; and, put equal time in the supernatural, in the miraculous! So, everyone who is born-again, they enter into a "new" life that is supernatural. That is miraculous. And, this is a life that God, Himself preplanned for each of us. Now, when I say that God preplanned this life for us, I don't want you to think that I am preaching the Doctrine of Predestination; because, I'm not! This life that God has preplanned for us, does not violate our own free will. But, you must understand that God who is omniscient, omnipresent, knows all of the future. He knows that in our future, and in our present time, that we, according to our own free-will, that we would believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. And, that's in our present time. Well, God knows that (because He is all-knowing), and, He applies that in the future. So there is no violation of our own free-will. In the present, with our own free-will, we receive the Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior. And, what God does, (because He is omnipresent), He takes the position that we willingly receive, and He applies it to the future. So, the life that He preplans for us in the future, does not violate our own free-will. Alright? Do you understand? Because, I don't want you to get the notion: that if God has already preplanned our future; then, there is nothing that we have to do because God has it all set up for us. So, just live your life whatever way that you want to live it because, God, in pre-planning our future, He will take care of everything! **No! No! No so, because: The preplanning of our future, includes our own free-will! By our own free-will, we love God! So, that loving God with our own free-will, is applied in our future. And, with that, God preplans our life for us. This is such an exciting life! Do you know how many millions of people that watch the program Supernatural on TV? And, there's other TV programs that involves the supernatural as well. And the people, the natural people are so intrigued about the things that are beyond the natural realm. And yet, these people who are intriqued with these things of the supernatural, they miss the boat for their own selves. They miss it because of unbelief. They too can experience the supernatural right now. They don't have to be watching these TV programs, they can live their supernatural life right now! The don't have to watch things that are dramatized on TV trying to explain the supernatural. They can experience the MOST SUPERNATURAL PERSON in the whole universe, in the whole wide world! GOD HIMSELF!! Who can be MORE beyond the natural realm than God?!! So, when you experience God, let me tell're experiencing something supernatural! And, if you are experiencing something supernatural, YOU are experiencing a MIRACLE! And, guess what? It is God's desire for everyone to experience this miracle!! The miracle of becoming born-again! The miracle of becoming a "new creation" in Christ Jesus. The miracle of us, mere humans, experiencing the second birth, the spiritual birth! Hallelujah!! And so, God has preplanned this wonderful new life for us! God refers to it as the life of good works. The Life of Good Works! That's what EPHESIANS 2:10 is all about! The word that I use to describe this life is "conversation." Conversation, according to the King James Version of the Bible is translated: conduct or behavior. So, every time that you come across this word conversation, in the King James Bible, remember that it does not refer to people talking to eachother. No, that obsolete word, conversation, in the KJV is translated as: conduct or behavior. So, that's what verse 10 of EPHESIANS, Chapter 2, is all about. Our conduct and behavior towards God and towards others. And, every day in various situations of our lives here on earth. EPHESIANS 2, verses 8 and 9, speak of our salvation; and, they tell us that we are not saved by any good works that we perform; but, it says that we are saved by God's Grace! God's unmerited favor towards us! Towards us, sinful people! That we are saved by His Grace, through faith in Him. If you have faith in Him; then, eventually you are going to end up having faith in God's Only Begotten Son, in Jesus! And you are going to have faith in all the things that the Lord Jesus Christ did, in order for us to enjoy salvation! And this word, salvation, is a word that describes what has happened to us. We are saved from God's Wrath; because, we were sinners; now, we enjoy our salvation. We're saved from God's Wrath and we are given Everlasting Life now! So, instead of facing God's Wrath when The Day.... and what is The Day? Answer: The Day of Judgment. So that when The Day of Judgment, The Great White Throne Judgment takes place, we need not to be afraid! Why? Answer: Because we have God in us; and, God is Love and Perfect Love casts out all fear!! We need not be afraid of Judgment Day; because we are saved by God's Grace, through faith and as a result of that, we are given Everlasting Life! We receive Eternal Life when we believe! So...YOU are now, as born-again believers of the Lord Jesus Christ, YOU now have Eternal Life!! NOW! Have Eternal Life! It's NOT that you are going to have Eternal Life when you get to heaven. It's NOT that you are going to receive Eternal Life after you die. No! You have Eternal Life right NOW!! That's what God says in JOHN 3:16: "For God so loved the world that He gave His Only Begotten Son so that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish; but, shall have Eternal life! Shall have Everlasting Life! Question: When?? Tomorrow? When? When you die?? Answer: NO! Right now! When you believe!! The moment that you BELIEVE, you receive Eternal Life!! Praise God! And do you know what Eternal Life is? You might answer: "Yes, eternal life is to live forever and ever with God." Yes, that's Eternal Life; but, Eternal Life can also mean this....going to heaven!!! The moment that you believed, you were on your way to heaven!! Question: Why? Answer: Because you can't get to heaven if you don't have Eternal Life! The only people who will be allowed to go through the Gates of Heaven are those who have Eternal Life! So, you need to see the BIG PICTURE! The moment that you believed and received Christ, is the moment that you received Eternal Life! The moment that you received your ONE-WAY ticket to heaven!! Praise God!! Hallelujah!! And, that ought to bring much great comfort to you! You don't have to worry about missing out on heaven! No! The moment that you believed and received Christ as your Personal Savior and Lord of your life, is when you received Eternal Life!! You received heaven!! And, isn't that a supernatural thing?? Isn't that a miracle?!! And that's the reason that I have been saying: For YOU who have been born-again in the Lord Jesus Christ, to LIVE YOUR MIRACLE!!! Live YOUR MIRACLE because YOU are a walking MIRACLE!! God showed me this miraculous life! If we would only trust and believe in Him, you can have such an exciting, adventurous, non-boring, miraculous life right here on earth, in spite of the odds that face us, in spite of the devila and his co-workers, in spite of the different challenges that the world has to offer us!!! We can continue to LIVE and EXPERIENCE our MIRACULOUS LIFE!! You have to see yourself as being a MIRACLE of God!! You have to see the WHOLE picture! And that is every step you take, is a MIRACULOUS WALK in this Life of Good Works that God has preplanned for YOU! This Life of Good Works is the result of being saved by God's Grace through faith, NOT by your own good works; but, now that you are saved, you are saved for this purpose: That you may now live a Life of Good Works!! PHIL.1:6 says: That I'm confident of this very thiing, that He (God), who has begun a good work in you (that's the day that you became born-again), He will perform it or He will complete it, He will complete His Good Work that He started in us in the Day of the Lord Jesus Christ! He will perform it! So, He'll perform it now and until the Lord Jesus Christ comes. HE WILL PERFORM IT! And, all that WE need to do is: Walk by faith and not by sight!! Faith in God! Faith for your salvation! Faith for who you are now in Christ Jesus! Faith for all the wonderful thiings that God has for us!! Listen....I preached some time ago on the Advantageous Life which is found in JOHN 10:10. I got the word advatageous from the word abundant. Abundant is defined as advantage. Having the advantage means: to have the upper hand. And so, I sought out this word, abundant, and a revelation came to me, that Jesus came to give those who believe in Him, The Advantageous Life! Now, it doesn't mean that you are not ever going to experience tribulations; because, Jesus said: In this world, you will experience tribulation.... but, Jesus also said: to be of good cheer for He has overcome the world! And, Jesus also said that in Him, YOU shall have peace, even during the time that you may be being persecuted or during the times that you may be experiencing tribulations. You will always have the upper hand! Why??? Because you allow the Lord Jesus Christ to live His life in YOU! And if Jesus Christ is living His life in YOU, then you tell me just who, what thiing, what challenges are capable of defeating the Lord Jesus Christ?!!! NOTHING!! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! So...can you see that YOU have the ADVANTAGE?? Let me share this with you... When I was a little kid and we celebrated Christmas, yes, we had the traditional Christmas tree and we also had presents under the tree. And, I already knew what my present was going to be. (Laughter) I knew, because my Mom would ask me: "What do you want for Christmas?" And, I would tell her, and she would go and get it. I remember that there were times when I wanted to make sure that she got the right thing. For instance, one time I wanted Roy Rogers Cowboy shooting gun. And, it had to be Roy Rogers and not Gene Autry. (Laughter) So, I would find my present and I would pick it up and shake it. And, I would say, "Oh, it sounds like cowboy guns in there!" (Laughter) And, then pretty soon, I would make a little tear and make sure that the box said Roy Rogers! (Laughter) Well, listen now...when you live and walk your miracle daily, it is like Christmas every day! You have gifts under that tree! You have gifts galore under that tree!! And do you know what? Whatever gift that you need, you can take a hold of it! Take it, grab hold of it, remove it from under the tree, and enjoy it! And, I am going to show you a scripture that will blow your mind! I'm going to show you a scripture to show you just how blessed we are!! Those of us who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ!! Those of us who believe to live our lives daily, supernaturally, miraculously! Things and wonderful things are going to happen! They have to, because God has preplanned this life for us!! Now, please turn to EPHESIANS 1:3 - This is what it says: "Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with ALL (or every) spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ.' Do you understand what the Holy Spirit just said here in EPHESIANS 1:3? You ALREADY HAVE those spiritual blessings!! Spiritual blessings! And if it is spiritual, it is NOT natural! So, if it is natural, it is supernatural! So, if it is supernatural, it is a miracle!! You already have your miracles in heavenly places!! Do you understand this? That's what the Word of God says there in EPHESIANS 1:3!! Question: Are you still looking for a miracle from God? Answer: Oh, you missed the boat!! You are supposed to be living your miracle daily in God!! And all your spiritual blessings, the miraculous blessings from God, they are there! They await us!! My Mom could only afford to get me two Christmas gifts. But, God's blessings are unlimited!! He's got resorvors filled with blessings!!! Not curses; but, blessings for those who dare to believe! For those who dare to walk their miracle daily!! Let me just share one, just one of the thousands of miracles that I have been experiencing daily! Now, you know about this church building. This is a miracle! It's a miracle because we only had about ten tithers. It's a miracle, because that tells you that we did not have the monies to purchase this place. The only way that we would have been able to have this place, was by a supernatural act of God. And, it took place obviously, why? Answer: Because, we are here right now! many of you were here for our Church Anniversary? Every pew was filled! And not only for the morning service; but, also for the evening service! I was blessed out of my socks!! There were people here, whom I did not even call or invite, and they came! I was just so blessed! Now, the offering for the those two services...what we received in tithes and offerings, was like about six-hundred dollars. Now, you know, that I don't entice people to give, amen? It has to be the Holy Spirit that tells you to give! I can't tell you to give! And so, in the two services, I never made an appeal for a special offering or a love offering. I never said that we needed to take a love offering because Pastor John DeCarmo and his lovely wife, Deanna had paid his way and traveled up here from North Carolina, and that we needed to take a love offering to compensate them. No! We took care of their expenses and honorarium. And that was all done by faith. Our expenses far exceeded, because as you know, we also had a wonderful meal and refreshments after the services. Our expenses far exceeded the six-hundred dollars that we had received. Well, was I worried?? Let me tell's all HIM!! I depend upon Him, God. I trust Him. I have complete and total reliance and confidence in Him. If six-hundred dollars was all that we were going to get, well...Praise God! I took the gift, and I prayed over it, and asked God's blessing, that He would gracefully increase the financial needs of these people. I personally pray over the gifts. One of these days, I would like to ask those of you who personally support this ministry, if there has been an increase in your finances. But, continuing on...I want to tell you that last week, it was the smallest offering in a very long time. There was only six envelopes in that offering box. But, I praised God, because He has everything under control. We have daily expenses. During the winter months we had the heating expenses. Now, we have the insurance. The insurance is like over three-hundred dollars a month, along with other expenses. If I wasn't walking in my miracle, I would have been so discouraged about six envelopes. I would begin to get afraid because we were into the season where we needed enough monies to support this building, the heat and the lights. And, I'll tell you...I took whatever there was, I prayed over it and gave thanksgiving to God. And, do you know what? I ran across a piece of mail, an envelope that I received a few months ago. And, it was addressed to me. I found this envelope and I opened it up. There was a Western Union check in there for five-hundred dollars! I tried to look for a note to see just who sent this generous gift; but, there was no name. And so, I said: "Wow! Praise God! Praise God, for this wonderful gift!" And then, as I took the check to place it on my desk, two other checks fell out! Two other checks fell out of my hand!! (Laughter and applause). There were two more Western Union checks for five-hundred dollars each!! Praise God!! I praise Him every day!! (Applause) This did not come from someone who I would assume was a regular tither of the church. Because, usually a regular tither would put their name so that they could claim it on their income tax. And, fifteen-hundred dollars, that's a lot of money!! And, that could be used for a tax exemption. There was no name. This person wasn't concerned about a tax exemption. And, do you know what? There were concerned with the Holy Spirit touching them and saying: "Word of God Ministry has a need!" Things like this happen. The accident with the church van, caused the church to end up receiving five-hundred and eighty-five dollars from the auto body shop that did the repairs, because our insurance company sent them a check for about fourteen-hundred dollars and it only cost about nine-hundred dollars to do the repairs. So the auto body company sent the church, the balance of over five-hundred dollars! That's two-thousand dollars!! (Applause). Hallelujah!! Praise God!

Ending Prayer: Father, I thank You for all Your blessings! I pray Lord that each and every one of us here, in spite of the challenges, the trials and tribulations that we experience, that each of us would remain steadfast and unmoveable and that we would each walk by faith and not by sight. I pray that each of us would live our lives daily with the miracle that You first gave us! That we would live this life here on earth miraculously! Why? For Your Glory Lord! Amen!