...And his name is called The Word of God. Rev.19:13
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By: Rev. Abraham Bascon, Sr. Pastor
The Word of God Church, Brockton, MA. 02302

I have shared a portion of this Word, titled: “Who Is the Word?”; but, I believe that it is a very good Word. So, I would like to begin the message today by sharing a portion of this Word on the subject of “Who the Word Is.” It is so interesting to find that in the Gospel of John in the very first chapter, that the Apostle makes an introduction of the Lord Jesus Christ. And, he reveals to the readers that without any doubt, just “who” The Word is. So, whoever or whatever can fit the description of the Word, will be identified and should be accepted to be The Word whom John, the Apostle introduces. In the fourteenth verse of JOHH, Chapter 1, we read: “And, the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld Him glory, the glory as of the Only Begotten of the Father, who was full of Grace and Truth.” What is the big deal about determining “who” the Word is? What is all the fuss about? Why is it so important for every Believer of Christ to know and to understand, to accept and receive the Word; and, who is The Word. Look at the first verse, and we read: “In the beginning was the Word; so, we want to know “who” was in the beginning? And, the Word was with God. And, the Word was God. And so, we want to know “who” was in the beginning with God. Because, according to the Revelation of John the Apostle, that Word was God. So, he tells us in the fourteenth verse that God, who is The Word, became flesh and dwelt among us. Now, not among you and me; because, we were not there when this wonderful event took place, The Incarnation of the Word of God. John the Apostle, the author of this Gospel, the Gospel of John, is testifying about the Word and introducing Him to his contemporaries, and then eventually, to all of us. And, to those who come after us as they read and study and observe this wonderful Gospel of John. So, the Word, and according to the first verse, is who? Answer: God. So, the Word, who is God, according to the first verse, became flesh. So, God became a human. Not only that He became a human; but, He also lived among the humans. And, in this case, He lived among the humans of the Apostle John’s days or time. Which is approximately two-thousand years ago. So, I want you to see in your mind, in your spirit, that two-thousand years ago, The Word, who was God became a human and lived among other humans. Specifically, those of the population of Israel and Palestine. That God, was actually here, He set foot on earth. Seen by man, touched by man and observed by man, all the wonderful things that God did in a human body. Now, I want you to also understand, that when God became a human, we celebrate Christmas for that very reason, the birth of Christ, the Messiah. So, the birth of Christ is actually what John the Apostle was elaborating here. That Christ, as we know, is God in the flesh. John explains a little bit more thoroughly, the beautiful mystery of God putting on a human body. Jesus is conclusively The Word. No one else is able to fit this description of the Word in verse 14, except Jesus. So, when it reads in the fourteenth verse: “….and the Word became flesh; and, dwelt among us. (Dwelt among men two-thousand years ago.) You see the little town of Bethlehem where Jesus was born. Not of man, not of the will of man; but, by the Holy Spirit. So, there are basically four characteristics that we find in the fourteenth verse that defines the Word. The first is: That the Word became flesh. The second is: When the Word became flesh, folks were able to see some strange glory about the Word. A glory that is not found in any other human beings. In fact, this glory as John testifies, he says: “….the glory as of the Only Begotten of the Father.” So, this glory, is the glory of the Father, so, this glory is the glory of the Father, which is number three. So, number two is: That they saw the evidence of God’s Glory upon this person who is referred to here as the Word. And, number four: That Grace and Truth was found in Him. So, now for a recap: 1. The Word became flesh. 2. That folks saw His extraordinary glory. 3. He is the Only Begotten of the Father. 4. That He is full of Grace and Truth. So, if you have your pen or pencil, you can right down these four characteristics right here. And, whoever fits this description, is God. Four important characteristics that John the Apostle explains that this particular person comes from very extraordinary background. And, if you can find such a person who truly fills these descriptions, then, you must, upon finding out, you must fall on your knees and give Him worship. And, worship, give Him glory, give Him honor and give Him praise. So, we are going to find these four characteristics….we begin with: “….and the Word became flesh.” And we find this in the fifteenth verse. Now, read along with me….”John, (this John, not to be confused with the Apostle John; but, this is John the Baptist.) Make sure that you make this distinction here: that this here, is John the Baptist. So, the Apostle John is speaking about John the Baptist. “…John bore witness of Him, (And the “Him” here is: The Word.) And, John cried out saying: “This was He of whom I said: ‘He, who comes after me, is preferred before me.’ Why? Answer:
”For He was before me.” So, John is saying that the “He” who the Apostle John refers to here, as The Word. And, so John the Baptist’s testimony explains that The Word did become flesh. When he says: “This was He of whom I said: He who comes AFTER me, (and the “He” who comes AFTER me is The Word.) The Word came AFTER John. So, in other words, if you look at John and the day and time that he was born, what he is saying is this: That The Word will came AFTER John. In the order of who is older, John the Baptist was born BEFORE The Word was born into the world. So, that there fulfills the first characteristic or requirement proving “who” is The Word. Now, the first requirement is what? Answer: That The Word became flesh. Became a human. So, here in verse fifteen, we see John the Baptist testifying that The Word did become human. In fact He says: That The Word came AFTER him. Now, listen carefully because this might sound like a contra-diction; but, it really isn’t. “He, who comes AFTER me, is preferred BEFORE me…” And, the reason: “For He was BEFORE me.” So, The Word who came AFTER John was born, came into this world, and was actually in existence BEFORE John. That’s what John is saying. The Word became flesh. Put on a human body. And The Word began His ministry AFTER John the Baptist. So, John the Baptist was born BEFORE The Word, as he testifies. And, he began his ministry BEFORE The Word began His ministry on this earth. “However,” John says: “He,” The Word, was actually BEFORE me.” So, John is saying that The Word (Who is in verse 1; and, is who? Answer: God) existed BEFORE John the Baptist was born. But, because if The Word became flesh, in that sense, Jesus (Pastor chuckles here: “Oh, there I go…too excited, I jumped the gun!”) The Word started His earthly ministry AFTER John the Baptist. However, John the Baptist testifies that The Word always was. That The Word was in existence even BEFORE John the Baptist was born. So, that is proof anyway, that The Word became flesh. The number 2: Look at verse 16: “ …And of His fullness we have all received, Grace for Grace.” And verse 17:” For the Law was given through Moses; but, Grace and Truth came through Jesus Christ.” So, the other requirement here is Grace and Truth.
That The Word was full of Grace and Truth. And, here we find in the sixteenth verse: “That Grace and Truth came through Jesus Christ.” So, here we see the third fulfillment of the description of The Word. And, then in the eighteenth verse, we see the fourth description. Where it says: “No one has seen God at any time. The Only Begotten Son who is in the bosom the Father, He was declared Him.” The Only Begotten of the Father. Now, go back to verse 14 and you see that the last portion of that verse…”The Only Begotten of the Father.” So, we see that JESUS fills the whole part of the characteristics and requirements of The Word; therefore, JESUS CHRIST is THE WORD. And, according to verse 1, The Word is who? Answer: The Word is GOD! So, now that we know these facts that JESUS fulfills all the descriptions and requirements of The Word; now, we can look at verse 1 and when we read it now, with our minds and hearts illuminated, we read: “In the beginning was(The Word) JESUS, and (The Word) JESUS was with God. And (The Word) JESUS was God. Do you see that?? That JESUS WAS GOD! Oh, yes…He was born in Bethlehem two-thousand years ago; but, John the Baptist says: “He was born BEFORE me!” Oh, He was actually BEFORE John the Baptist was born. Well, one might ask: How much BEFORE? Answer: Well, verse 1 says: “In the beginning was JESUS, and JESUS was with God; and, JESUS was GOD.” Pastor says: “Wow! So, when you find Him, bow down before Him! Give Him praise! Give Him glory! Worship Him! Why? Answer: Because He is THE WORD who was in the beginning with God. Who was GOD! The glory…that’s what I left out…you really only actually got the benefit of three of the descriptions and requirements that is essential for a person to be qualified as “The Word.” So, I am going to give you the fourth requirement; and, that will be found in LUKE, Chapter 9. And, beginning at the twenty-eighth verse. Ready now, read it along with me…”Now it came to pass, about eight days after these sayings that He (Jesus) took Peter, John (John, the Apostle), and James and went up on the mountain to pray. As He (Jesus) prayed, now…check this out! Check this out! He (Jesus) is up on the mountain; and, He begins to pray. And, as He prays, the appearance of His face was altered. There was a change taking place! Witnessed by Peter, John and James! Can you imagine what they saw? They saw a strange phenomenon taking place with Jesus! They saw His face; there was a change taking place as He was praying! And, then all of a sudden the robe, the clothing that Jesus was wearing, it became white and glistening! White, shining and brilliant!! And it says: “And, behold, two men talked with Him.” These two men were Moses and Elijah! But, how many of you know that according to the Old Testament, that Moses and Elijah had both passed on. Moses died of old age. Elijah was carried up. He was carried right up to heaven! Praise God!! He was translated from a life of being human man into the “spiritual” world! Taken right up! What a wonderful way to be received by God!! No pain! No fear! No sickness! No death! Just taken up to be received by God!! Hallelujah!! How many of you want to be received by God in that fashion!! (Laughter) That’s the way I want to go!! There will be a day according to the Apostle Paul where he says: There will be a generation of people who will not experience physical death. But then, when the Lord Jesus Christ comes again, when He returns to this planet, he said: In a twinkling of an eye, those who believe in Jesus are going to experience a great translation. They are going to be translated just as Elijah was translated. Just as Elijah did not experience physical death, this generation of believers of Christ are not going to experience physical death; but, in a twinkling of an eye, they shall be changed!! They are going to put on their “spiritual” bodies and be received by God! Hallelujah!! (Laughter) And, do you know what? Answer: We could very well be that generation!! (Laughter) Hallelujah!!
When will it take place?? Answer: No one knows the day. No one knows the hour. But, you can pretty much tell, by the season. There are evidences, and there are signs according to the Bible that will reveal that the time of the Lord’s Coming shall arrive. And, a lot of those signs are already here. There are already here. So, Praise God! Be still my heart; for, your King is about to arrive! Hallelujah!! (Laughter) Oh, come Lord Jesus!! Amen? Okay, now, continuing on from LUKE, so Jesus’ face started changing and then His clothing became glimmering white. What a brilliant shine!! And, there He was talking with two men, Moses and Elijah. Hallelujah!! That right there explains for us, just the type of power, authority and the special place that Jesus has in heaven! To be able to speak to two individuals who no longer resided on earth; but, resides in heaven. And, there, Jesus is speaking to them. And these two characters are very familiar with the Jewish Nation. And, in verse 31: “Who appeared in Glory and spoke of His decease which He was about to accomplish at Jerusalem. But, Peter and those with him were heavy with sleep; and, when they were fully awake, they saw His Glory.” What we see is Jesus in His Glory! What we see is the glimmering, brilliant, shine, glistening all about Him! That’s the Glory! That’s the Glory! Like the Glory cloud!! Shekinah! The Shekinah Glory!! When they saw Jesus, they saw the Shekinah Glory! And then, he goes on and he says: They saw His Glory and the two men, Moses and Elijah who stood with Jesus. Now, watch what happens….”Then it happened as they were parting from Him, (As Moses and Elijah were parting from Jesus), Peter said to Jesus: “Master, it is good for us to be here. And let us make three tabernacles, one for You and one for Moses and one for Elijah. Not knowing what he said. So, while he (Peter) was saying this, a cloud came and overshadowed them. And, they were fearful as they entered into the cloud. Peter, John and James entered into that Glory cloud. They entered into the Shekinah Glory!! I just don’t have words to explain how they must have felt seeing this cloud!
All of a sudden the cloud overshadows them and they entered into the cloud! Wow!! What they saw, is that they saw God’s Glory!! Then, the voice came out from the cloud saying: “This is My Beloved Son, hear Him!” So, when you go back to JOHN, Chapter 1, verses 14, 15, and 16, 17, and 18, one of the requirements that He had to be, in order to be “The Word,” is that He had to be God’s Only Begotten Son. And here, among witnesses: Peter, John and James, they hear the voice of God! And, God says and points out to Jesus, that He is My Son, the Only Begotten Son of the Father, full of Grace and Truth. John the Apostle says: We saw His Glory! Besides the miraculous that Jesus did before them and other eye witnesses, to prove that He indeed was a glorious person! This particular event on the mount, which is referred to as, The Mount of Transfiguration, these men witnessed, saw for themselves the Glory, the exceeding , the abundant, the magnificent, the awesome, the brilliant splendor of JESUS! They saw, they witnessed and they entered into the Glory of God! JESUS, THE WORD IS GOD!! So, if you are not bowing down before Him; for, Paul says: That every knee shall bow; and, every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord or that JESUS CHRIST IS GOD!! He IS coming back, as I said earlier. Jesus, Himself, testifies of His Return…just go back to LUKE 9:26, and we read the words of Jesus: “For whoever is ashamed of Me and My Words, of Him the Son of Man will be ashamed, when He comes in His own Glory, and in His Father’s, and of the holy angels.” So, here Jesus testifies that He is coming back. He’s coming back! And, He gives a warning: If you are ashamed of Him, if you are ashamed of His Words, if you’re too embarrassed to introduce someone to the Lord Jesus Christ, The Word of God, who is GOD, who has made Eternal Life available for all who believe in Him. If you are ashamed to speak the Word of Truth, the Gospel of Christ, the Gospel of our Salvation; He says: He is going to be ashamed of you, when He comes, and, He’s coming back in His Glory! He’s coming back in His exceeding, great and wonderful and awesome, spectacular, brilliant, amazing, powerful, splendid Glory! And, when He comes, if you’re that generation of believers that are here, if you are that generation of people, of Christians, of Believers of Christ, of His Disciples who have been diligently presenting themselves before the Lord, needeth not be ashamed not only rightly dividing the Word of Truth; but, introducing others to the Truth. The Lord Jesus Christ who is full of Grace and Truth. He says: If you’re ashamed…remember this relative or this neighbor that you have? The one that you want to share the Gospel with them; but, you’re ashamed. Because, the world says: There is “two” things that you do not discuss among your friends, your loved ones, your neighbors, your co-workers etc… is what? Answer: Religion and Politics. Well, let me tell you something….JESUS CHRIST is NOT A RELIGION!! JESUS CHRIST IS the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE! JESUS CHRIST IS THE ONLY WAY to the FATHER!! There’s ONLY WAY that YOU can receive EVERLASTING LIFE; and, that is THROUGH THE LORD JESUS CHRIST!! So, this is something that you would want to share with others!! You want to share heaven with others!! So, share heaven with others! Don’t be ashamed of the Lord or His Gospel!! Can you imagine, He says: “When I return in My Glory, and in the Glory of the Father, and My holy angels!”
I can’t imagine…We hear the trumpet!! A sound that everyone that is alive will hear!! And every person who experiences Salvation in Christ Jesus shall be resurrected! But the others are going to experience that other resurrection…not the resurrection unto Eternal Life; but, the resurrection unto damnation! So, when the sound of the trumpet occurs, and you see it on CNN, that there is a blaring sound of a trumpet coming from heaven somewhere! We must be under attack! It must be a new kind of weapon that has come to consume us! Then…as we all observe and we hear…(the sound system lets out a loud sound; and, everyone laughs!) And, Pastor continues on: “That’s what you’re going to hear! You’re going to hear the tapping of the horse’s hoofs!! You’re going to hear the sound of a marching army of God on horses! Led by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, on a white horse! And, on the side of His thigh is written His name: THE WORD OF GOD!! He comes and if YOU were one of those who were too embarrassed to share the love of God, to share the LORD JESUS CHRIST and His Gospel; and you’ve heard this warning; because, I am warning YOU now! And, when He comes…it will be too late!
He’s coming on His horse and YOU go: “Oh!....yea Jesus!!” And, He will say: “Be gone from Me. I don’t know who YOU are! YOU were ashamed of Me! YOU were ashamed of the Gospel! I’m ashamed of YOU! Go into the utter darkness where there is gnashing of teeth and wailing of torment!” But, for us, who the Word refers to as the Bride of Christ, without any spot, without any blemish. When He comes, when we hear the trumpet and Fox News declares: “That is the sound of the trumpet of the Lord!! For the King of kings and Lord of lord has come!! Hallelujah!!” And, we all get outside and we stand there and we are in awe for our salvation has come!! For the marriage of the Bride and the Bridegroom, shall soon take place!
(Laughter) And, we all shall enter in to the Wedding Feast of the Lamb and His Bride! And, we know that we are His Bride because we are NOT ashamed of Jesus! We are NOT ashamed of the Gospel!! Hallelujah!! Come Lord Jesus!! Glory! Glory! Let us all stand and let us glorify God as we end the service!
Closing Prayer: Our Heavenly Father, Our Glorious Lord God, Our Savior, we thank You this day, that we have breath. That we have eyes and ears to hear your beautiful Word! That Word that changes our minds and hearts, and even our own character and attitude. We glorify Your holy name! For You indeed, are magnificent, awesome, beyond words! You are brilliant! More shining than the noonday sun! There are no words to describe Your Glory; but, we are in awe!! We thank You Father, that we do, and we have, entered into Your Glory when we received Christ, The Word of God as our Lord and Savior. He, His Glory now abides in us, and we abide in His Glory! For Your Glory! For Your honor! For Your praise! For Your worship! Hallelujah!! Hallelujah!!