...And his name is called The Word of God. Rev.19:13
Where Jesus Christ is Lord!

By: Pastor Abraham Bascon

Preached On: October 14, 2009

Our God is a God of MIRACLES! God has empowered US (Believers) to be Children of God (John 1:12). When we receive the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord of our lives, God's Word tells us in 2COR.5:17 that we are a NEW CREATION in Christ! We become MORE than conquerors!
We become OVERCOMERS because of what the Lord Jesus Christ has done for us!
We are sons and daughters of the Most High God!
We are Children of the King! We have a supernatural God. A miraculous God!

What is the definition of the word, "miracle?"
A miracle is defined as an extreme, remarkable achievement or a remarkable event. One might describe a "miracle" as an unexpected piece of luck, a chance. Our God is not a god of luck, He is Jehovah Jirah! The God of impossibility!

God says that HE will provide! No, no, His name is NOT Jehovah Chance or Jehovah the Lucky One! No way! He is a God of miracles! A miracle is something that happens due to "divine intervention!" For years now, our church has been trying to find a place that we could call home. The only way we could ever purchase this church property is by God’s intervention! We just claimed ownership yesterday, and signed legal documents for this place!

We did not have the financial means to purchase this place! A place to worship, to come together and fellowship, to learn the things of God, and to go and preach the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, that souls might be saved! Owning this church building is all of God's doings, or we can also call it "divine intervention!" It is the result of having faith in God, that with Him nothing is impossible, hallelujah, thank You Jesus!!

Praying, believing and trusting God! Jesus tells us in Matthew 21:22- “And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive.” Praise God!
I have been pinching myself all day! This is incredible! God miraculously gave us this church property! We have an awesome God!! When we ask according to God's Word, great things happen! And, when He gives us the desires of our heart--- you say WOW!! Thank you Father, You are JEHOVAH JIRAH!!! This is a miracle! I can't believe it! It’s too good to be true you might say. But with God, ALL things are possible! We have a God that heals incurable diseases! Who makes the lame to walk, the deaf to hear, the blind to see, the dumb to speak! And we can go on and on!
In Zechariah 4:6 God says:
"Not by might, not by power, but by MY Spirit, saith the Lord!"

But, now I remind you, that WE do have to do our part! And you might ask: "What might that be?" We must ACT upon God's Word! God's instructions are so simple and easy to understand! If it was a mysterious and difficult way: who would be able to get saved? JAMES 1:22-Tells us:To be DOERS of God's Word; and, not HEARERS ONLY, lest we DECEIVE ourselves."
This word DECEIVE here, means: to cheat.
If we are HEARERS only and NOT DOERS of God's Word, we literally CHEAT ourselves of God's blessings! God has done one of the most extraordinary things for us at the Word of God Church!

We did not have the finances to purchase such a place, we have not
taken even one. single offering for a building fund. Why? You may ask. Because, God wanted to keep this a secret between Him and me.
He didn’t want me to be influenced by any negativity as in the past.
As believers of the Lord Jesus Christ, all we need to do is to step out in faith, and put our faith into action!
This church building had been on the market for the past two years! One brother said:"The reason it was not sold is because this place was God-ordained for The Word Of God Church!! Thank You Jesus! It was for us!"

About a year or so ago, I did make an offer to purchase this property. However, my offer was turned down. It was refused!. I knew that it would be considered unreasonable; however, I presented it anyway, We really did not have the financial means to purchase this place, and my offer was turned down.
About six weeks ago God told me to go back to the owners of the church and make them the same offer. This time, they accepted my offer or shall
I say Holy Ghost offer! They were so kind and cooperative and even arranged for me to meet with the vice president of the bank’s mortgage department. The amount of our income would be laughable to any bank and easily turned down.. But, we have an awesome God...God touched the hearts of the folks who owned this church, and they assured me they would do whatever they could to help us purchase this property. What a complete turn around! The Holy Spirit did what I call, creative financing.
It was an offer no one could refuse! Within a week, the Word Of God Church, received the commitment letter from the bank, and had a closing date within a month! Praise God, when God moves to do something,
He moves very swiftly. God’s word goes forth from his mouth and returns not void, but accomplishes what he speaks (Is. 55:11) The short amount of time it took the bank to close on the church property is unheard of, particularly in this very tight lending market. It is very difficult to obtain a mortgage, unless, if you have a perfect credit score, or unless, the Holy Spirit intervenes! A supernatural thing was taking place! What seemed
to be unreasonable and almost ridiculous, became a reality because God reached down, and put his mighty hand upon the situation!

Do you have an impossible problem? Do you have health issues or financial problems? No matter what they may be, God’s hand isn’t too short to rescue you. He wants to help you! Go to Him in prayer and with faith in Him, to do the impossible. Ask believing and receive in your heart and you shall receive! Oh, praise Jesus!

Let me now, get back to my testimony. The closing for this property took place yesterday, and up until today no one knew we were purchasing this church. Praise God, thank You Lord for making all of this possible! You are truly Jehovah Jirah!! Our Provider!

Now the secret is out! Go, and tell every body what the Lord has done for us, Imagine, the Word Of God Church didn’t have to have chicken dinners or bake sales to raise monies for a building fund! We don’t even take a tithe! It’s all God’s doings, to Him be the glory! God intervened! He heard our prayers, to have a more permanent place, we can call our church home. All along, I believed God was going to give us a place to worship Him. I didn’t know how He was going to do it, but I believed Him! And that’s what it takes to have favour with God! Sure, there were times the devil tried to rattle my faith in God, but I kept on saying,”The just shall live by faith (He. 10:28)! And without faith you can’t please God ( He. 11:6).
I held up the shield of faith and countered the devil with the sword of the Spirit! Hallelujah, thank You Jesus for the victory!

So, in closing, I just want to say, we are worshipping in this place because of God’s intervention! Whatever your need is, if God can do this miracle for the Word Of God Church, He can certainly do it for you! Now, go and enjoy your miracle!!