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GRACEFUL GIVING  -   By: Pastor Abraham Bascon


A. Graceful Giving is the New Covenant’s manner in which God provides for the needs of the Church. Please bear in mind, that the New Covenant Church walks by faith (Ro.1:1; Gal. 3:11; He.10:38), and not by the Law.

God says in He.8:8-9, “The days are coming, says the Lord, when I will make a new covenant with the House of Israel and Judah in v.9.
He does not say, according to the covenant I made with their fathers when I led them out of Egypt; because they did not continue in it.

God said, He will put His laws in their minds and write them on their hearts (v.10). Please note that in v.13, He says: “A new covenant, for He has made the first covenant obsolete (no longer useful or out of date). Question: What is not useful and out of date? Answer: The Old Covenant and its laws! And, this includes tithing! Just as circumcision is of the Law, so is tithing.

GAL. 3:23-25, Tells us what the role of the Law was meant to do.
1-v.23 says: Before what? Answer: Before faith! What came?
Answer: faith! Question: We were kept under what? Answer: guard!
Question: By the what? Answer: By the Law! Question: Kept for the what? Answer: Faith! Question: Which would afterward be what? Answer: Revealed!
2-v.24, Therefore the what? Answer: Law!
Question: Was our what? Our what? Answer: Our tutor, or our teacher. Question: To bring us to who? Answer: To bring us to Christ!
Question: To who? Answer: To bring us to Christ!
Question: That we might be what? Answer: Justified or be rendered innocent, as if we had never sinned!
Question: Justified by what? Answer: Faith!
3-v.25, Question: But after what came? Answer: Faith!
Question: We are what? Answer: No longer!
Question: Under what? Answer: Under a tutor!
Question: Who was our tutor? Answer: The Law!
So, we are no longer under the Law! And, tithing is under the Law!
4-v.25 says, for you are all what? Answer: Sons of God!
Question: Through what? Answer: Through faith!
Question: Faith in who? Answer: Christ Jesus! Thank You Jesus!
Those who have faith in Christ Jesus, are not under the Law of Tithing!

B- Graceful Giving is God’s way of providing for the needs of the Church.
1-In 2 Cor. 8 and 9, Apostle Paul testifies about the generosity of the Macedonian Churches, who were experiencing economic crises. But, in spite of their financial situation, they saw an opportunity to help the Church. Apostle Paul was greatly impressed by the abundance of their gift for the needy brethren of the Church of Jerusalem.

C- A guide for Graceful Giving (2 Cor. 8 and 9)
1-8:1, As the Macedonian Churches were graced by God to give, the New Covenant Church must also be graced.
2-8:3, When you’re graced to give, you’ll be able to give according to your ability and even beyond your ability.
3-8:3, Graceful giving is always free-willing. You are never intimidated or forced!
4-8:5, The Macedonian Churches first gave themselves to God. It is very important, before believers give their gifts, they must give themselves to God and that also includes their possessions!
a- Question: Do you suppose that Jesus wasn’t serious when He told the rich young ruler to sell all of his possessions and give the proceeds to the poor? (Mark 10-22) Answer: Of course Jesus was serious.
b- In v.23, Jesus was implying, if the rich young ruler had a graceful giving heart, he would not have any problem doing as Jesus instructed. The disciples did what Jesus asked the rich young ruler to do in order to inherit eternal life (v.28).
(Acts 2:44-45), the believers who were converted on the Day of Pentecost sold their possessions and shared all things in common because they had graceful giving hearts.
5-8:7, Apostle Paul tells the Corinthian believers to also abound in the same grace which fell upon the Corinthian Church (By the way, the Corinthian Church was in a good financial position to give to the Jerusalem Church.)
6-8:8, Graceful giving isn’t a commandment!
7-8:8, It is the testing of the sincerity of your love (1 John 3:17-18).
The rich young ruler failed the testing of the sincerity of his heart.
He valued his earthly treasures more than his heavenly treasures.
8-8:9, Jesus had a graceful giving heart, He became poor that believers might become rich!
9-8:12, Here’s some advice from Apostle Paul: It is to your advantage to fulfill the desire to give freely-willing.
10-8:12, Give what you have, not what you don’t have. In other words, good intentions without the actual action of giving isn’t accepted.
11-8:13-15, Graceful giving will always produce equality.
a-The Holy Spirit is omniscient, He knows who can afford to give more for the lack of others. A person who abounds much is able to give 30% without hurting financially!
12-9:5, Graceful giving is a matter of generosity and not of obligation, where tithing is an obligation, a command under the Law.
13-9:6-7, In Graceful giving, a person shall reap what they sow.
14-9:7, Give as you purpose in your heart.
15-9:7, God loves a cheerful giver!
16-9:8, God is able to make all grace abound (overflowing, bulging) toward you that you always have all sufficiency for every good work!
17-9:10, God supplies the seed (money) for the sower.
Question: Who supplies the money? Answer: God!
18-9:10, God supplies and multiplies the seed (money).
All you have to do, is to gracefully plant the seed!!
19-9:10, May the fruits of your righteous increase, as you gracefully give!
20-9:12, Graceful giving shall cause the recipients to give thanksgiving to God for your obedience to your confession of Christ.
21-9:14, Graceful giving will also cause the recipients to pray for you.
22-9:14, Graceful giving is the exceeding Grace of God in a generous giver!
23-9:15, God’s indescribable gift is the Lord Jesus Christ! How generous is our God! He didn’t hold back on His giving, because of His Graceful giving heart! PTL! For His Grace and Mercy, who saved us, who believe in His Only Begotten Son, Jesus! Because of His Graceful giving heart!!