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IN MY NAME-Clarified - by: Pastor Abraham Bascon

“IN MY NAME” - CLARIFIED 2017-04-09
By Pastor Abraham Bascon
JOHN 14:12-19- The content of this scripture is: The sending of the Holy Spirit to His disciples, from God the Father.
1-v.12-“Most assuredly” is a promise of Jesus, meaning: ”without question” or “you can take it to the bank” or “I tell you the truth!”
a- If you believe in Me, the works that I do, You shall be able to do as well, because I go to The Father. Question: Why is Jesus going to The Father? Answer: To send the Holy Spirit to His disciples!
b- After the disciples receive the Holy Spirit, they may ask The Father “whatever” in Jesus’ name. And, Jesus said: “I will do it!” Question: Who will do it? Answer: Jesus! Not The Father! Question: Why? Answer: That The Father may be glorified in the Son!

2- If you “ask” anything, or “say” anything in My name, I will do it!
Question: Who will do it? Answer: Jesus will do it!

3-v.15-“If you love Me, keep My commandments.” Question: Why? Answer: v.16 says: Jesus will pray to The Father. Question: Why?
Answer: To give His disciples another Helper! That this Helper may abide with them. Question: For how long? Answer: Forever!!
Question: How long is forever? Answer: Forever is without end! Question: Does He leave you when you sin? Answer: No!
1 Thess. 5:19 says: Don’t quench the Holy Spirit! He doesn’t leave you; but, you are quenching Him!
a-Back to JOHN 14:17, Jesus is identifying who the other Helper is.
He is the Spirit of Truth! .
b-In v.26, The Spirit of Truth is the Holy Spirit!

4-v.17- The world can’t receive the Spirit of Truth because they can’t see Him nor know Him. .
a-But you know Him! For He dwells with you!! And, shall be in you!! Question: How can this be? Jesus has not gone to The Father yet. So, the Holy Spirit wasn’t dwelling with them yet!! Unless Jesus is referring to Himself as the Spirit of Truth!
b-The Spirit of Truth who is the Holy Spirit was never dwelling with the disciples. Only Jesus did!
V.18-Jesus promises His disciples, He will not leave them orphans! In other words, He will not leave them on their own to continue the works of the ministry; but, He promises that He will come back to them!
Question: How can this be possible? Unless He is saying that He and the Spirit are one!! Just as He and The Father are one, The Father in Him and He in The Father (John 14:10). .
c-Of course this is possible (Col. 2:9). God is Trinity: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Three distinct persons in ONE God!! d-John 14:23-Jesus and The Father are able to dwell in His Disciples all at the same time by way of the Spirit of God, which is the Holy Spirit (1Cor.6:19;2Cor.6:16b).

Anyway, what I really wanted to share with you is John 14:13 where Jesus says: “Whatever you ask in My name” (John 15: 16b, 16:23, 24, 26) asking in Jesus’ name is one of the most “misused” scriptures!!
1-Hundreds of well-intentioned Christians have misused these scriptures because they were misinformed by many well known preachers and teachers. I myself was misinformed by my association with previous denominational teachings. I therefore passed that teaching to many others, I regret to say.

2-Is Jesus really telling His disciples to say His name before and , we ask The Father for whatever?
Or to say “in the name of Jesus before and after we pray?
a-To be able to understand exactly what Jesus meant by, “Ask in My name,” we need know the definition of “name” in the Greek.
b-According to the New Strong’s Exclusive Concordance Bible, “onomah” is the Greek word for “name.” And, it means: a name (lit. or fig.), authority, character. c-Is Jesus saying, to ask The Father for whatever; but, you must pronounce His name? In Matt.6:9-13, Jesus is teaching His disciples how to pray. Notice that He doesn’t tell His disciples to begin and end with “in the name of Jesus.” .
d-In MK.11:24, Jesus doesn’t say to pronounce His name before and after you pray. He said, “Have faith in God (v.22). Then He says: “Believe you receive them and you will have them!"

3-In My name means: “in My authority,” the power or right delegated from one person to another. . .
a-A policeman can arrest you, if you commit a crime, because he has been delegated by the City to do so.
b-John 21:23-The chief priests and the elders asked Jesus: By what authority, and who gave Him this authority to teach and do miracles? Jesus didn’t tell them who delegated Him. But in John 5:42, He tells the Jews that He came in His Father’s name! In John 10:25, He tells the Jews that the works that He did, He did them in His Father’s name!

4-When Jesus healed and cast out demons, He didn’t tell the sick or the demons that He was authorized by the Father to do those miracles. He just did them! Question: Why? Answer: Because He believed that He was delegated by the Father to do so!

5-Faith is essential if you want to please God. (He.11:6)
a-MK 11:15, Jesus authorized His disciples to preach the gospel! Then, Jesus said that believers will do miracles in His name!
b-Jesus authorized believers to move in the miraculous 2000 years ago!! . .
c-Do you believe Jesus? If you do, then, act on your faith! James says, faith without works is dead! (James 2:20). He also said: “Be doers of the Word and not hearers only deceiving (cheating) yourselves!” (1:22)

6-So, you don’t have to pronounce Jesus’ name to get God’s attention. The name of Jesus isn’t a magic formula. It’s faith in Jesus that gets God’s attention! 7-Let me end with this, Heb.4:16 says: “Let us therefore come boldly to the Throne of Grace, that we may receive Mercy and Grace to help in time of need.”