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JUBILEE-Continued    By: Pastor Abraham Bascon

I'm going to touch on the Jubilee Word of the past few weeks. A nice ring when you say Jubilee! Do you know what Jubilee is? In the Hebrew, Jubilee means: The blasting sound of a trumpet. Jubilee is the Jubilee trumpet. This trumpet which was more like a horn that you blow. It has a very special sound. Every 50th year on the Day of Atonement, the trumpeter would sound this horn throughout the land to all the people, the Israelites.
God had given special instructions on Mt. Sinai on how they were to observe this special day. It lasted about a year, beginning on the feast of the Atonement. So, upon the blasting of the trumpet, it was official that Jubilee would go into effect. It was such a great time for the Israelites, For God had commanded that Jubilee would bring about Liberty! Relief from debt. Any debts that you owed in the past 50 years, would be excused on Jubilee! I fell in to this category as well. We fell into debt, very serious debt. Fifty years go by, and the Day of Atonement is the beginning of Jubilee, when you hear the horn. That wonderful sound! And if you owe or sold your possessions to someone, or you perhaps sold your farm...etc. you could work the farm but, you would not be able to harvest it.
Perhaps you needed money to build a house, or buy an auto or, for whatever reason that you sold your possessions.
At Jubilee, if you were an Israelite, your possessions were returned to you on the 50th year. On the day of Jubilee you would get to have those possessions returned to you. All of your debts would be excused! And, there were times that a family had to sell their services to another, because they had gone into poverty, and there was just no way to be able to survive. The practice back then was, to sell even themselves, to serve another person until the Jubilee, fifty years later.

So, God set up a structure whereby it would help His people. He didn't want his people to take advantage of each other. Jubilee would last a year.

When the Prophet Isaiah wrote Is.61:1-11, he wrote this scripture as
a prophecy, that he would fulfill. So, if you know anything about IS..61,
you would see: The Spirit of the Lord has anointed me to preach the
Good News. To preach the Gospel to who? To the folks who would in
the future, be held captives and be oppressed. But, The Proclaimer of
the Good News...had come to proclaim the Acceptable Year of the
Lord, the Year of Jubilee.
So what happens at Jubilee? There is redemption for those who were
sold to other folks, or other Israelites. Redemption of their farm land
....etc. All would be returned to its rightful owner.

So, you can see that this was Good News for the Israelites...which fell on the Day of Atonement. So, when you read in Isaiah 61,and read it through to the end of the chapter of only eleven short verses, you have to bear in mind that Isaiah was writing about a future event that he would proclaim the Good News. He wrote:
“that the Spirit of the Lord is upon me.” Isaiah was an anointed prophet of God, and God equipped him for the work of the ministry. Now, in Luke 14, Jesus is reading Isaiah 61, and He only reads the first two verses and, then He stops reading. "To proclaim the Acceptable Year of the Lord.” Then, Stop! And then He says: “This day, this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing,” Jesus is saying: “I am the One who fulfills Isaiah's prophecy.” Now, so far as the Jews were concerned, it was the Prophet Isaiah who fulfilled that prophecy. But now, Jesus says in Luke, “I have come; and, today I have fulfilled this prophecy”

And, now, you have two prophecies fulfilled. One by Isaiah and the other by Jesus. And they do not contradict each other. Because Isaiah's prophecy pertains to the natural realm; and Jesus’ pertains to the spiritual realm. So, Jesus stopped after reading just two verses. And, that is all He needed to read; because,Jesus was pointing out to the people, that He had come to fulfill Isaiah's prophecy. He didn't have to go any further to fulfill this prophecy.“The Spirit of the Lord has anointed Me to proclaim the Acceptable Year of the Lord..etc.”

Look at Isaiah 61. What you will find is this: We get to verse two; and,
it reads: “”To proclaim the Acceptable Year of the Lord...
”And the Day of Vengeance of our God. To comfort all who mourn..” (there is more here, that is why it has a comma. There is more to this subject...
”to proclaim the Acceptable Year of the Lord. ”Now, continuing on...And
the Day of Vengeance of our God; (semi-colon, a pause..with a semi-colon means: there is more info to come, pertaining to this subject.
Prepare yourself for there is more to come! So, when you read scripture, you need to pay attention to the commas, exclamations, question marks if you do, you will have a better understanding of the Scripture.
But, if you bunch everything together, you will get lost.
Jesus only read the first two verses, and that was enough to point out
that He came to spiritually fulfill that prophecy. So now, why couldn't
the Jewish folks understand this?
In 1 Cor 2, Paul says that the natural man does not understand spiritual things, for they must be spiritually discerned. And all the folks in the synagogue were not born-again. They were not spiritual. So, don't be so hard on the Jewish population. Don't say, “Well, if it was me, I could understand this very easily” Yes, because you are born-again, and you have the testimony of the Old and New Testament saints. And, even Jesus, Himself. So, don't be so hard if the Jewish population is not readily able to accept Jesus as their Savior. Or, those who are classified as natural rather than spiritual. So, Jesus, had offended the Jewish people in the synagogue, when He told them of the woman who survived the famine, through the Prophet Elijah, And also, He mentions another Gentile who was healed. This offended the Jewish listeners for in a way, He was really slighting them. Why didn't Jesus choose to heal a Jewish person with leprosy? They got so angry, that they wanted to kill Jesus! They wanted to throw him off the cliff!
They knew the Scriptures... Oh, how they really knew the scriptures! You see, what WE know today about the Scriptures, is really in our Bibles. We have the luxury of a Bible and can take it where ever we go. So if I wanted to read something pertaining to the Law, I could.
Well, the Jews didn't have a Bible to carry around with them. They didn't have the scrolls that scripture was written on. They didn't have individual scrolls to study from. So what do you think they did? They didn't have smart phones. They were not able to go to Google..etc. They memorized the scriptures! Don't you think that they memorized Isaiah 61? That is why Jesus didn't have to go any further in Luke, pertaining to Is. 61. If they only pondered upon the rest of the scripture, they would not want to go and kill Jesus! Rather, they probably would want to ask Him how He was going to set them free. This was Good News! They could have said: “Show us what is the extent of the Good News that you came to give us!”
But, they didn't do that. They missed out on the blessings of the Lord.
If they continued in Isaiah 61:2, to proclaim the Acceptable Year of the Lord, and the Day of Vengeance of our God, wow! What is the Day of Vengeance of our God? What is judgement and retribution? It would be the judgement and retribution that would put God's people into oppression.
Not the vengeance of God's people; but, those who caused this oppression.
Now, in Isaiah 61:2, What is this vengeance of our God? The Hebrew says it: To comfort all who mourn. So God's people were mourning. What is the cause of their mourning? Whatever the cause, God will have vengeance upon the cause! Now, keep following me here. He says, the vengeance will be upon whatever the cause that has made God’s people to mourn. So, instead of mourning, there will be comfort to those who mourn!
“He gave me beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning.,.etc.
”What or who is responsible for bringing oppression upon God's people? Who will bring about vengeance and retribution, according to the Prophet Isaiah? Who will bring vengeance? And according to Jesus, who will bring this vengeance? It is Jesus who is going to fix everything! Jesus, The Proclaimer of the Acceptable Year of the Lord! The folks who have caused My people to mourn...For what purpose? For the destruction of Satan. To render Satan powerless! That is the vengeance that the Lord is taking. The Devil is the tempter who comes to tempt us to sin. Jesus came to set us free! So, you see, this is the spiritual significance of why Jesus came to fulfill the Prophecy of Isaiah. But, as I said, the people where not spiritual; and, they couldn’t see!
So, Jesus set you free from the prison house of sin! He set you free, and He turned the tables around!!

So, before Jesus, you had the Spirit of Heaviness! How many of you have experienced the Spirit of Heaviness in the past? I have. I contemplated taking my life. I was a filthy dirty sinner unfit for heaven! But, God showed me the Power of the Cross, and, that Christ died for all of my past, present and future sins! And, I realized the love that God had for me! Romans also says: WE who believe in Jesus have been justified by the Father, and we are no longer, slaves to sin...but slaves to righteousness! So, sin is not to have dominion upon us. We are to be the head and not the tail, above only and not beneath...WE are the oppressors! We oppress sin, by not believing sin’s lies!!
So, the next time we get tempted, and, there will be times, if you are a child of God; but, that is good when you realize that you are growing from faith to faith.
So, Jesus our Jubilee, our Redeemer, our Savior, the only propitiation for our sins. The only One who could make atonement for our sins, the only One who could obtain for us ETERNAL redemption. It doesn't mean that we have a license to sin. Because of what Jesus has done for us, we ought to show our appreciation.
We ought to be waiting in righteousness, in righteous living!