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KNOW THE TRUTH-Part 1    By: Pastor Abraham Bascon

I've been delivered from bondage of sin. Smoking, etc.. Lord delivered me just like that. Praise God! Partying...etc.. One bondage that I grew up with since I was about five or six years old, the Lord set me free from, about two years ago. And, He showed me the Truth. As if I had the option to perhaps set others free. To come against the so-called truthfulness of this world, can put you into uncomfortable positions. John 8:31..those Jews who believed in Jesus..( I remind you here, that these believing Jews were not yet born-again, for Jesus had not yet been glorified, nor had He died yet. And, unless one receives the Holy Spirit, they cannot be born-again.) Now, after Jesus resurrected from the dead; then, there was the opportunity for them to be born-again.
Just comparing them to yourselves, these folks were not filled with the Holy Spirit. In John 8:31, Jesus says, if you make Jesus’ teachings a way of life; then, you are My disciples indeed. So, to become a disciple of Jesus, you must abide in His Word. You MUST, "must," means: to be obliged. There is no option here. Jesus says: You are My disciples, if you abide in My Word. He does not say, "try" to abide in My Word. No, He says: Believers, abide in My Word! The disciples of Jesus, in the Bible, (this is what the Believers of Jesus were called,) disciples. He tells them to “Go and make disciples of them...and teaching them all that I have taught you.” They were to abide in Jesus' teachings. Period. That, is a disciple of Christ! So, if you are an abider of Jesus' Word, 100% of His Word....then you are His disciple. Only in Antioch were the disciples of Jesus called Christians. They were called Christians by the pagans in Antioch. You might think Christian is a name that is not derogatory. But, to be called a Christian was the work of pagans in Antioch. So, I try, as much as possible to abide in His teachings. Jesus ends this sentence withthe word, INDEED. “And, YOU shall know the Truth; and, the Truth shall make you free.” John 8:32.. You, as a disciple of Jesus; and His Word, you will be able to apply Truth with your past life and see where you stood. But, one thing is for sure: “..the Truth shall set you free!”
If you are under some kind of bondage, and learn the truth, then that truth will lift that burden from your shoulders. That burden of guilt, can make you feel unworthy. And, that burden is lifted and you are set free! Free from that awful master of sin! Praise God! So, with this scripture in mind, I would like to share with you that freedom from the past bondage that I was liberated from.
I was born during the War and I was not introduced to this lie until we arrived in Hawaii. I was about five or six years old. My relatives were giving gifts, toys, clothing etc.. And, I felt really neat. They told me that this was the custom to celebrating Christmas.
And then, I began to go to church as an adolescent, and I was told that this was Jesus' birthday. I felt, okay, that’s neat...everyone should have a birthday. I had a single Mom raising five children on her own. I felt, wow, this was a real neat celebration. My relatives informed me that Christmas was a joyful occasion of gift-giving. The churches I attended, said it was a celebration of the birthday of Jesus. So I felt, if the church said it was an actual thing, that there was no reason that I should not believe the Church. After all, these leaders were supposed to be those who read the Bible and were well-informed of what the Bible said. If they said this or that was sin, I believed them. There was no reason for me to question them.
But along the way, as a believer of Christ, I began to read more and more of Jesus’ teachings. And, I read the Bible for its historical context. So, I became very curious to see just what date Jesus was really born on. Was he really born on Dec.25th? After investigating His birth, I realized that I was lied to by my relatives, older friends and of all people, the Church! I was heartbroken! I was disappointed! I thought: Where does this put me? Where do I stand on this issue that folks that I trusted, had lied to me! Was I supposed to keep this information that I had acquired, a secret; and, not rock the boat? For others might believe just as I did.
Later, when I was much older, I began to realize that Christmas wasn't so joyful. I was raising ten children of my own. I found Christmas not to be so joyful....I was in debt!! You get caught up in it; and, you don't mean to go overboard; but, you do! You have to be politically correct. If you buy one gift for one, you buy one gift for all! So I found myself in debt! No wonder I needed to celebrate the New Year!
But, these folks had lied to me...was it all their fault? No, it was partly my fault! I should have taken the time to research Christmas for my own information. So how many of you have researched Christmas? You need to go and Google it yourself! You need to be informed and know the truth! President Trump says: Fake news! Well, that is what I said when I discover-ed that what they told me about Christmas was a lie! And you don't have to be a democrat or a republican to realize that it is fake news. Know the truth, so that the truth can set you free!
It was very difficult to tell my ten children that we don't believe in Christmas anymore. And, you know, we got criticized! Some said: Don't be so
legalistic! You are too fanatical! I can't be fanatical enough for Jesus! That is what a fanatic is: someone who has excessive zeal for someone or something!
Now, I love the Lord with all of my entire being; but, I also know that I can give the Lord more and more of myself. So, they call me a fanatic for Jesus. Thank you! WE should all be zealous for the LORD and His Word! I watched the ball game and I saw the fans painting their faces and wearing these humungous earrings and putting on the Oakland Raiders football jerseys; and, saw them all yelling and screaming! When they would scream, they looked like aliens from another planet. I said: O' my! And folks call me a fanatic! Jesus did more than score a touchdown for me! He shed His precious Blood to make atonement for me! He gave me everlasting life to live for all eternity with God, the Creator of all things visible and invisible! The Oakland Raiders scored a touchdown, and they were spilling beer all over everyone!
What did Jesus do for you? If those fans can behave like overboard fanatics, what is wrong with being fanatical over Jesus, for what He has done for us? Why can't we be as fanatical as they are? So, I take that as a compliment, when they say that you are too legalistic; and, that you are no fun anymore! They say: you bury your head in the Bible, studying for a sermon, or a certain class! You go to church every Sunday, give a Bible class every Saturday...that is all that you do! You are like a Jesus freak! Thank you! If that is what you want to call me! Do you know what the definition of a fanatic is: To give strict adherence to the letter of the law. Do you think that we, as believers of Christ should have strict adherence to His Word; or, to have a casual relationship to His Word? Or, just a casual relationship with Jesus? Or, are we supposed to have a strict relationship with Jesus?
I'll tell you what: There is such a thing as the letter of the Law, and the Spirit of the Law. So, while some would say, don't be so legalistic. As far as the letter of the law is concerned, have knowledge also of the Spirit of the law. So, I have researched the Spirit of the Gospel, and I found that Jesus did point to the Spirit of the Law; but, He did not throw out the letter of the Law either. He "expanded" the letter of the Law by "expounding" on the Spirit of the Law.
Turn to Matt.5, v.21-"You have heard, that it was said to those of old: You shall not murder, and whoever murders will be in danger of the judgment." So, here we find Jesus introducing the Law. He does it by introducing this phrase: "You have heard that it was said of those of old that you shall not murder." He is pointing to the letter of the Law. Now, the Jews definition of murder, was something that they needed to avoid; for, God said: "Thou shall not kill!" Now, they are looking at the letter of the Law: You shall not murder. The premeditated murder of another person. You shall not unlawfully premeditate the killing of another person. That is their understanding. Then in v.22 Jesus says, but I say to you....And He uses this phrase, to point out the Spirit of the Law. So He explains from v.22- He says: "But I say to you whoever is angry with his brother, without a cause, shall be in danger of the judgment." So He goes on about the Spirit of the Law up to the 26th verse. Now, v.27- Concerning the Letter and the Spirit of the Law. v.27-He uses the same phrase as He uses in v.21" shall not commit adultery." The definition of this is: the unlawful relationship with another person. Then, Jesus says: “But, I say to you..." again, the same phrase as in v.22 "...that whoever looks at a woman to lust for her, has already committed adultery with her in his heart." He continues to expound on the Spirit of the Law. Read this whole chapter and the previous chapters before and after. You will not find Jesus encouraging anyone to do away with the Law and to only listen to the Spirit of the Law. He never did encourage anyone to forsake the letter of the Law. He rather, gave a balance: He gave an "expanse" of the definition of the "letter" of the Law; and, also for the "Spirit" of the Law. I do have strict adherence to the teachings of relationship to the Spirit and the Letter of the Law. So what is wrong with that? Shouldn’t we all have that attitude? Or, like that song that says: Sometimes halleujah, sometimes Praise, the Lord, sometimes be in one accord.... sometimes! Should we get offended? No, just Praise the Lord! So when I found out the Truth, it really set me free! I can't tell you what to do or what your family should do. I can only tell you what the Word says; and, what history has recorded pertaining to that subject. And, you will be placed in a predicament, as I felt that I was placed in a difficult predicament. But the Truth shall make you free! And, not only that; but, the Truth will also save you a lot of money as well!! Thank You Jesus!!