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KNOW THE TRUTH-Part 2   By: Pastor Abraham Bascon

KNOW THE TRUTH - Part 2 By: Pastor Abraham Bascon

2 Tim 3:16- ALL Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness." It has been said to me: "Oh Pastor, you are so legalistic....calm down a little bit. Are you trying to be holier than thou?" Folks like this cannot challenge God's Word. They feel you are spending too much time praying, meditating...etc.. I think that I am pretty much a well-rounded person. I love to eat. I have favorite foods. I love to sleep. I catch TV for maybe ten minutes or so..etc. Yesterday, I came over to the church; and, I had a Red Sox jersey and hat on. I have the same for the New England Patriots. Am I a fanatic for them? I have seen folks on TV; and, also at the games, who are dressed up real crazy-like. Pink hairdos, painted faces, they have their team's football jersey on..etc.. And, when there's a touchdown, well. you want to see what crazy is? They just go crazy when there is a touchdown! My description of one that has 'fanatical zeal' for their team, is just this type of behavior! And, they tell me that I am being too fanatical for Jesus? Do you see my hair spiked? Do I color it red, white or blue? Do I look like a Jesus freak to you? But in my heart, I have to say,that I do have excessive zeal for Jesus. Shame on you if you don't have excessive zeal for the One who saved you from the pit of hell! (John 3:16), because that is where we were headed for, before God sent His Only Begotten Son! The Apostle Paul already claimed first place; when, he said that he was the “chief among sinners.” But, before I even knew Christ as my Savior, I considered myself to be a real sinner! No one had to tell me that I was on my way to hell! Until, I met Jesus...who lifted the heavy burden of sin from my shoulders! Jesus didn't just risk His life, He gave His life to save us! So, why wouldn’t you be fanatical for Jesus? You can't be fanatical enough for Jesus! You can't be too over-zealous for Him! You shouldn't hide your sincere true emotions for Jesus.

Wherever you go, it seems that, just when you are about to talk about; or, even mention Jesus, you get interrupted. Folks will say: "O there is a time and place for that." When is the time and place? The Bible says: "TODAY, is the day of Salvation!" Be overzealous that we are going to spend eternity with God; and, not with Satan! But, some will still say that we are legalistic!

What is legalistic? Being legalistic is: To have a strict adherence to the Law or prescription. Especially, giving strict adherence to the Law; rather than, to the letter of the Law. So, they will say to you: ”Oh, don't take the scriptures so seriously!” They will say that only some scriptures have been inspired by God. NO! The Word of God tells us in 2 Timothy 3:16, that ALL scripture is inspired by God! 2Ti 3:16- All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: Jesus tells us in John 8:31-32-“If you abide in My word,then are you My disciples indeed; And,you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” Praise God that I am free from the bondage of sin! 2 Cor.5:21- He who knew no sin, became a sin-offering.....for me! That is the truth that I learned! I have learned many truths. You may agree with me...with some truths; or, maybe not. You may say: “Be more casual with the Word!” To abide, is "to make your home" in His with His Word. Back in High School, I played football. And, my coach told me to hug that football, sleep with it, do whatever you had to do, not to ever fumble the football. And that is what I did. I ate with it, I slept with it, I played and worked with it. And, guess what? I never did fumble it. And, Jesus said this to me also! For the Word will reveal the truth to you! And that truth will set you free! I'm free! Forgive me for my excessive zealousness and jubilation. But, I am free! And I want to show my appreciation and jubilation for that freedom! Experiential sanctification.

How many of you believe in Jesus? Jesus says: If you who believe in Him...there is one requirement He requires of you...that is: to ABIDE in HIS WORD. What does it mean? Is He saying to abide in His Word only on Sundays? No! Open the Bible everyday! This point reminds me of the song: Sometimes alleluia....sometimes Praise the Lord,,,Sometimes? It’s ALL the time that you Praise Him! Praise Him in ALL that you do! Like Vanessa and Sister Sandy...they have the Word! I could easily spend forty-five minutes tickling your ears, playing with your emotions, entertaining you! Instead, you heard the Word! I fed your soul by giving you God's Word!

I want to show you something here: In Matthew 5…Listen carefully now; because, I am going to point out to you Jesus’ teaching on legalism. In v.21- Jesus says:“You have heard that it was said to those of old...” Now, underline "You have heard that it was said to those of old.." Then, He says: “You shall not murder.” So, here's what's happening here, He is showing and explaining the Law...talking about the “letter” of the Law. So, when He says: “You have heard..” He is making reference to the Commandments. The Law that was given to Moses by God. God wrote them on stone tablets with His very own finger...and gave them to Moses. And He said: “Thou shall not kill.” So, Jesus was pointing to the Jews, that it was God, who gave it to the Jews. And, it was the Law; that, you shall not kill! Then, in v.22- Very interesting what He says here: “But....” but what? Jesus says: “I have something more to say concerning the Law.” Is Jesus putting Himself equal to God? That He has equality with God? Yes, He is! “BUT...” V.22- “I say to you....” ” But I say to you...” What did He say? “Whoever is angry with their brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment.” Murder is defined as the unlawful taking of the life of another. Jesus said: “God gave you the law that you should not murder; BUT, I SAY TO YOU...whoever is angry with his brother without in danger of the judgement."

It’s okay to observe the letter of the Law; but, you must consider the spirit of the Law also. So Jesus goes on to the 26th verse explaining the spirit of the law. Look at v.26- Remember when you underlined the phrase in v.21.”YOU HAVE HEARD....”well, He uses the same phrase to speak the Law, “You shall not commit adultery.” Adultery is:The unlawful sexual relationship with a married person. Period. v.28-the first word...again..."BUT"...

The spirit of the Law is this: v.28-“You as much as look at a woman lustfully, you have committed adultery.” What? Is He doing away with God's Law? No, He is expanding God's Law. He is considering the spirit of the Law. Nowhere in the scripture, will you find Jesus ever encouraging folks to break the Law. No way. Jesus didn't say that! He didn't do away with the Law, He expanded on it. What do we get out of this particular teaching? We get: Have strict adherence to the Law; but also consider the spirit of the Law. Therefore if some criticize you of going overboard with your faith, or that you are too legalistic...tell them, that you cannot be legalistic enough! Should you be lax and casual? No. Have strict adherence to the Law and to the spirit of the Law. Then, you will be a “balanced” Believer. The Pharisees were strict when it came to the Law, to the point that they made the Law unattainable for others because of their legalism.

Now, I want to say: I have learned the truth, and the truth has set me free. I have learned that I have been lied to for over 60 years of my life. My Mom, my older sister, relatives, friends and the church. What was that lie? Okay...first thing I learned when I was about 6 years old was: There is no such thing as Santa Clause. Santa doesn't go around flying on a sled with reindeer. He doesn't come into your home through the you don't have to leave milk and cookies for him!. He doesn't put the presents under the tree. It’s your mother, your father, your sister etc...that does it. You mean the guy who is on the truck and tossing candies to the folks watch-ing the parade...He's not Santa Claus? I'm sorry Virginia, there is no Santa Claus! I felt let down!! But, I did pick up the pieces!

Now, the past ten years or so, I learned that December 25th isn't the birthday of Jesus. What?? What are you talking about? It's called Christmas and we are celebrating the birth of the Baby Jesus! I thought: Oh, let me check this out! I read the Bible again; and, I read the Nativity Scene in the Bible. And, I tried to find December 25th. And, you can search all you will not find December 25th in the Bible! But what I did find was when the angels announced the birth of Jesus, the shepherds were living out in the field with the sheep. Now, December 25th or there abouts, would be very very cold, even snowing. So the shepherds living out in the field...actually disproves the fact that Jesus was even born in the month of December. And if you did your could come up with an approximate date...but it is not December 25th. Do the math when John the Baptist, Jesus' cousin, was born. Make the proper deductions of the months. And, you will get the approx.-imate time that Jesus was born. The closest to December, would be October, but most likely September. And, some scholars say April. But, I was lied to believing that Jesus was born on the 25th of December. And even to today, that lie continues! And, you do have Christian churches celebrating December 25th as Jesus' birthday. Not all, but some. Now, why did they lie? Why not say the truth from the beginning? It was approximately in the 5th century that they came out with December 25th. Well, I justified it this way: all the churches got together and agreed that December 25th was Jesus’ birthday. BUT,WE are now living in an age of much so, that I can’t even figure out my smartphone. I want you to realize, that you can't lie to your children anymore! They have access to a smartphone. And they will Google the origin of Christmas. When they read the information, they will ask: why did you lie to me? Why did you mislead me? This came about because it was to discourage the pagans at the Roman Empire from celebrating paganistic celebrations. So, they used the period of time, of the Christian celebration, of the birth of Jesus which was December 25th and this celebration was to last until the new year. And the pagans had another celebration day after New Years. So, the Roman Catholic Church wanted to discourage the pagans form celebrating on their pagan holidays. So, in wanting to convert these pagans, they allowed them to participate in Saturnalia... This is what has happened: Christmas, was supposed to be a very religious time, and a time to focus on the birth of Jesus. What do you think is the main purpose? Hint: And, it starts on Black Friday...and that is also when the oppression begins..."gift-giving!" We begin thinking: This person spent five dollars or one-hundred dollars on a gift for me; but, I don't have one-hundred dollars to spend on them. Now, this makes you feel bad! In the meantime, it takes you a whole year to recover from the debt! As you celebrate Jesus' birth. Do you really think that that is what Jesus wants you do?

Also, the celebration of birthdays...during the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th centuries, they did not celebrate birthdays. Go to the source to find out. There is no record of Christians celebrating birthdays. So, the wise men from the East, came to seek out Jesus. The Bible says that they went to King Herod and explained to him about the birth of the King of Israel. And, the Word says: The reason they wanted to find him, is to worship Him. To honor Him as the King of the Jews. Well, you might say...what about the gifts that the wise men had brought? Didn't they want to present them to Jesus? Now, let me tell you, that the gifts were not given for the purpose of celebrating Jesus’ birthday. Even today, when a high official from another country....comes to visit our high officials, they bring gifts with them; and, we do the same. It was the custom that gifts were given to the kings. Not to a brand new baby! However, they didn't come empty-handed but they always brought gifts. It is a common practice even today. Gift-giving wasn't done to celebrate Jesus’, it wasn't. It was a common practice from one king to another. Read the narrative and you will see that it doesn't say that the three kings were wise-men. Oh, but you have seen the Nativity scenes that are set up; but, let me tell you that they are not's a lie. Again, you might say: “Oh, Pastor you are being so legalistic!” Legalistic? 2Tim 3:16- Says that: “ALL scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.” What we see with these Nativity scenes today, is just a fabrication. If you research the travels of the wise-men or the Magi, you will see that they travelled in a group of approximately twelve. And they also had soldiers to protect them from thieves. The narrative reads that the wise-men went to their treasures and pulled out very expensive things. If they travelled with that much treasure on them; and, had only the three of them, without protection,they would have been risking their lives! They were foreigners; but, King Herod received them, when he saw that they had a military escort with them.

So, parents, I am sharing this with you; for, today we are living in a world of very high technology. Your five-year old, can go to the smartphone and Google the "origin of Christmas." And, they will get the facts. You cannot tell your children “stories” anymore! They will say: My parents are so heavenly minded that they are no earthly good! Show them the “truth” in the Bible! Again, Jesus says in John 8:31-32-“If you abide in My Word, then are you My disciples indeed; And,you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” Praise God, that I have been set free! Praise Him that you have been set free! Thank You Jesus!!