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Let God's Word teach us. Consider what God has for all of us. So why do I preach on the subject of Christmas? Well, you are already beginning to hear the jingles...aren't you? It's about the time for folks to celebrate Christmas. So, being an obedient student of God's Word, I began to investigate Christmas.
For the most part of my life, I just accepted Christmas as the right thing to do. Christmas was and candy and I never really questioned Christmas. But as the years went by, I could see that Christmas began to become a secular celebration. And, it was difficult to find Jesus in the midst of the Christmas trimmings. So, I did a personal investigation. And, I couldn't find Christmas in the Bible. And that is what got my attention.
Now, certain churches claim that Christmas, December 25th is the birth of Jesus. So I went through the scriptures to see if I could find Dec.25th as the birthday of Jesus. And, I could not find it. And, thousands of Bible Scholars could not find it either! So, I began to research the origin of Christmas and why folks celebrate it today.
Christmas originated during the days of the Roman Empire. The early Christians of the First and Second Century did not celebrate Christmas. So, the celebrating of Jesus' birthday or Christmas, was not ever practiced among the Christian communities at that time. But, only during the Second Century when Emperor Constantine, who was a pagan, stopped persecuting the Christians, and started to give them favor. In about the Forth Century, the Roman Empire had adopted, the Roman Catholic Church as its religion. Now, keep in mind, that they were pagans for many centuries...back to the Third Century BC. Just to show you how much involved they were in paganism. At this time, Roman Empire was predominately, a Catholic Christian Community. And, by the 5th Century, the church began to have power in the Roman Empire. It got to the point that even the emperor had gone to confession. And, the bishop would not hear his confession because the sin that he had committed, was so grossly severe. The emperor begged to have absolution. The bishop said ok, if you would go out publicly and dress as a regular citizen and beg for the forgive-ness of your sins, then, we will give you absolution. This was the bishop dictating to the Roman Emperor. Eventually, the Church became more powerful than all the other emperors. So, the Church's influence upon the empire was so great. But it all started with the Emperor Constantine. What a big event for the Christians. For, history tells us that, during the previous couple of centuries, the Christians were all the arenas etc. And those who stood on their faith and not compromised, they ended up being eaten up by wild beasts in the arena. (during the Second Century). We have not experienced this type of tribulation, even unto death.
So, under Constantine they favored the Christian Community. And that is where it all began. So, eventually, the Catholic Church would have power over any other emperor and over the Roman Empire. The Church had this great influence over the Roman Empire, as well as the Empire having influence over the Church. The Council at Niciene, took place in approxi-mately 300 AD. The reason for this council was that Constantine wanted this empire unified. So, even back then, in the Third Century, we find that Christians in the community had already had some strange teachings. You look in the Word and you will see Apostle Paul warning the Church to be on the look-out for false teachers and prophets. And this was in the First Cen- tury, that the warning was given. And, the Church was only around fifty years old. So this carried on to the Third Century where Constantine decided to get the bishops together to unify them and to structure their doctrine so there would not be contradictions etc. So, we can't be naive enough to think that the emperor did not influence these bishops with one of their festivities. One festival that they observed was Saturnalia, a pagan festival. The honoring and worshiping of the Sun god.That is where you get of the planet names. He was a god who was called so, because about late December or January, the sun would be out longer. The daylight time would be longer. Didn't you turn your clocks back last night? So, we could sleep an hour longer? No! For the farmers’ sake! So, they would have a longer period of daylight for their planting. During this time of rituals and celebrating, that was involved.....all of the law was lifted. You could do anything that you wanted and you would be able to get away with it. This began about the 17th of December and finished about the 25th of December. A lot of drunkenness and merry-making went on. So, Saturnalia, a Roman paganistic festival was like the main event of holidays that the pagans celebrated. They looked forward to Saturnalia. Now, the Church had this problem, that in their attempt to convert these pagans, they decided to compromise. The Church leaders told them that they could still continue to celebrate Saturnalia and still be Christians. That was the compromise. So, to give it a holy flavor, the Church assigned December 25th as the birthday of Jesus. They allowed this, so that the pagans would celebrate Jesus' birthday. The celebrating took place from the 17th to the 25th of December. And, it carried on until the New Year. So, what has happened since then?
Look at how the Church and the people are celebrating the Christmas Season. Look at their behavior and their attitude. Here's the have heard the sayings: Put Christ back into Christmas. Or, Jesus is the Reason for the Season. Well, I have news for you, Jesus was never there! He was never in the mass. It's like associating Jesus with paganism. Jesus was never in the Season. It was paganistic to begin with. It was debauch-ery...anything goes! Jesus was not into any of that!
Do you think that Jesus is in Christmas today? It’s all about gift-giving, getting together with family, eating special dinners, kissing under the mistletoe...old Saint Nick etc.. All these things have a paganistic influence. Then, you may ask....why is it all over the place? It’s on TV, it's online, in commercials, in stores etc. Why? Because of the old almighty dollar! The merchants want your money! You know what that reminds you of? Apostle Paul went into Ephesus, and he preached the Gospel of Christ. In Acts19, the silversmith was highly disturbed because Paul was preaching the gospel. And, the people that converted to Christianity, they had stopped purchasing trinkets, items etc. So, it would put the craftsmen out of business. So this silversmith got the people together and complained about the Apostle Paul. For he was teaching a message to leave paganism, and follow after Christ. The merchants said: We need to get him out of here so he will stop preaching the gospel. So, let me ask you: What am I getting at?

The people who are most interested in Christmas, are your silversmiths, your merchants. So, you spend money on these items from merchants, and they end up putting all this money together to advertise their products. This is what Christmas has evolved into...commercialism! The pity of this is that you have Christian churches who continue to practice and participate in Christmas and with these merchants. The result being bringing brilliant confusion to a lot of folks. Especially when these folks find out that Christmas is only "fake news!" It confuses the people, and they continue to celebrate. They figure if it is okay with the Church, it's okay.
The day after Christmas, they sell the same items for 50% less! You see how much money they are making that they can actually slash their prices the day after Christmas? Why would the Eastern Churches celebrate Christmas on December 6th and the Western communities on Dec. 25th?

You need to know the truth! What you do with the truth is your business. But, as for me, I have the responsibility to blow the trumpet and if the enemy comes and slaughters the people, I have blown the trumpet of warning; and. their blood will not be on my hands. But if I don't blow the horn of warning; and, the people don't hear the warning, and they die...their blood will be on my hands. So whatever you want to is in your hands.
I want to show you something look in Luke 2:2. A census is taking place. Meanwhile Joseph and Mary had already been informed that there was a miraculous birth about to take place. That the Lord Jesus Christ was going to be born. So, Joseph had to take Mary who was nine months pregnant, with him to Bethlehem, Jerusalem. Ordinarily, about a half day's journey; but, in Mary's condition...they travelled first class for they traveled by way of a donkey. So, for a family to have a donkey in those days, you had to be
average or above average. I want you to know that they were not poor.
Bro. Andy is a professional. He’s a Plumber and a Boiler-man....of course he is allowed to make more money than me. Joseph was a carpenter. How much do you think carpenters make? He was a builder, a furniture maker, not your average Jewish person. He had money. He didn't take Mary on a donkey to Bethlehem because they were poor; but, because they had to register for the census, for tax purposes. So, they arrive in Bethlehem. Now, a census has been ordered. How many people would be under that order? Everybody would. All of the Jews. They had to go back to whatever tribe that they came from. You know that there were twelve tribes that they came from. Now, as the song goes: O' little Town of Bethlehem....O' Little Town of Bethlehem..Bethlehem was a "little" town. And you have a census, so you have all the Jews of the Tribe of Benjamin gathering together in the town. Now, because of Mary's condition, of being nine months pregnant; and, because of arriving later, all of the rooms were filled. There was no room wherever they went. The Jewish custom then, was this: In a Jewish home, they would have extra rooms for guests and relatives that came to visit. Now, this was considered an inn. There were a lot of inns at that time. Jewish folks would have extra rooms in their home. We have an extra bedroom in case someone comes, we could accommodate them. So, Mary and Joseph had relatives in Bethlehem. For all of the people in that little town of Bethlehem, belonged to the tribe of Benjamin. That ought to tell you that a lot of folks there, would have been related. Like the Capeverdian people, when you meet one, and mention a name to them...they might say: Yes...I know that person...they are married to my cousin. Call it a coinci-dence...but that was how it was back then. I want you to know that when Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem, they had relatives, and their relatives had spare rooms also...however, it was too late, and they already had other relatives staying in their homes. So, they did the next best thing..”I have a stable available...” and Joseph and Mary accepted the stable. So, don't think that they were poor. But, they ended up staying in the stable. And, Mary had the baby there. There was nowhere to lay the child down. So, Joseph being a carpenter, looked at the feeding troth and figured a baby would fit in the troth, and the baby would be safe lying in the troth. So, Joseph takes some hay, lays it in the manger...gets a blanket from Mary; and, now you have a beautiful crib. But, again, Jesus wasn't born in a manger because they were poor..No. There was no room in the inn. Now, there were in the same country, shepherds...looking out in the field..etc. And, an angel of the Lord appeared and gave them the good news...v.10 that: There is born to you this day, in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord! v.11, They got this good news from the angel. There is a person born, the Savior, the Christ, the Messiah, the Anointed One, the Savior and His name shall be called Jesus...God Saves! But, let us not forget this, that that night, the Shepherds were out in the field. They were "living" out in the filed...watching over their flock. So you need to realize, that for them to "live" out in the field...the climate would have had to be conducive for them, in order for them to do that. If it wasn't they could not "live" out in the field. So December 25th could not be the time that Jesus was born...because the shepherds were "living" out in the field. Once it begins to rain or snow, the shepherds would bring their sheep into shelter to protect them from the rain and snow. Usually this occurred during September or October. You figure it. So, you are two months away from the last month that you would leave the sheep out in the field. So, Dec. 25th could not have been the day that Jesus was born. So, if I could figure this out, and I figured it out just by what the verse said. And, early churches had bible scholars and theologians, why couldn't they figure it out? Shame on them. Or, perhaps they chose not to share it...Shame on them again. They figured it would mess up the influence of Jesus' birth.

If today, you try to convince folks that the celebration of Christmas is not a Biblical thing. They will tell you; if the Church practices it, it's okay with me. There is going to be a day when they will say: haven't I prophesied in Your name? And Jesus will say: “Get away from me, I never knew you.” Satan is the Liar, a murderer from the beginning. So, the time has come for you in the 21st Century. You who have a cell phone, computers, tablets etc. You have access to “instant” information. You can get information, just like that! So, you who know the Truth, you can't hide it from your children or your family. Sooner or later, your children will be able to get that information anyway. So let it come from you! I am sorry that I misled you in the past; but, I too, was misled. Praise the Lord for His precious Word! Praise God for The Word of Truth!