...And his name is called The Word of God. Rev.19:13
Where Jesus Christ is Lord!

Eph.2:3-8-Once saved always saved? Yes, once you are saved, you are saved; but, your repentance and your receiving of the Lord, as you Savior, has to be genuine, sincere from your heart. Not just lip service. Prior to getting saved, you must have had at least have heard the Word of God. Maybe just a little part, but what you heard was just enough that the HS convicted you of sin. Jesus said to His disciples that if He went away to the Father. He would send the Holy Spirit. And the Holy Spirit will come to bring conviction. And that conviction of the Holy Spirit will make you realize that you are a sinner. It is going to expose you for your need for the forgiveness of your sins. In Acts 2, we see the Jewish people who received the Word from Peter, they were pricked in their heart, with the convicting of the Holy Spirit. They said: What must we do Peter, we know that we are guilty of killing the Messiah. Peter said: You must repent and be baptized for the forgiveness of your sins, and you must receive the Holy Spirit. And then, there is a great big change that takes place. And then a miracle takes place. The miracle of being born-again. The miracle of being baptized with the Holy Spirit. The miracle of God entering into your heart. What sort of impact should that be to you? This is God entering into your heart! The Spirit of His Son enters into your heart!

Jesus says: He and His Father, will come and make their abode in you! That has to make a genuine change in you, your personality, in your character...etc. and He has the power to change you! Like the verse that we sing goes: The things they used to do, we don't do them no more...etc. Why? Because you have the Creator in you! So, you do have some Christians who continue to walk..but Jesus says you shall know them by their fruits. But, they still have anger, they are unkind, not gentle, no discipline or self-control, still doing what they were doing before they they were born again. They might say: When God wants to change me, then He will change me. What are you talking about? God is inside of you! He wants youto change! Then, they say, no matter what type of unrighteous things I do, I am still saved. Look at John, Chapter 3. Jesus is talking to Nicodemus, a very brilliant man. A teacher of the Pharisees, very familiar with the Scriptures. That is how he taught the Jews, with the Scriptures. In v.3-Jesus tells Nicodemus, “Unless you are born-again, you cannot SEE the Kingdom of God. v.5-Says: “Unless you are born of water and of the Spirit, you shall not ENTER the Kingdom of God. JESUS then, is pointing out two things: 1.) Unless you are born-again, you cannot SEE the Kingdom of God. 2.) Unless you are born of water and of the Spirit, you can't ENTER the Kingdom of God.

The Kingdom of God is both invisible and visible. It is spiritual and it is physical. So if the KOG is physical; then, you should be able to see it. If it is spiritual you will not be able to see it. Jesus says, that the "invisible" KINGDOM is within you. How will you see it? You and others will see it by your personality, and kindness, your self-control, your gentleness....etc.. This is how you will be able to SEE the Kingdom of God, here on earth. Through the believer here on earth. For the Kingdom is within you! Some say, well, when I act badly, it is just a bad habit. It's an addiction. I can't control it. It controls me. If you are born-again, aren't you supposed to be controlled by the Holy Spirit? A slave to righteousness? Before you were born-again, you were a slave to unrighteousness. But now, that you are born-again, who is supposed to have control over you? One of God's mission was to deliver us from the power of Satan, unto the power of God! God has delivered you from the Power of Darkness into the Kingdom of His dear Son! The Kingdom of Jesus! So, the fruits of righteousness should be there also! If it's not...taking another dip in the Baptismal tank, is not going to do it! Maybe you ought to check if you were genuine with the Holy Spirit. Because if you weren't, you know you can't fool God! So, who else are you fooling? You’re fooling yourself! And that will bring big trouble, if you do not rectify that! So what Jesus issaying is: to be able to SEE the Kingdom of God, the qualification is to be born again. Same thing if you want to ENTER the Kingdom of God, the qualification is that you must be born again. So, there is a difference between these two things. Don't miss this...The Bible teaches that there is a difference between being saved and entering into the kingdom of God. How many want to enter into the KOG? Okay. A lot of Christians say: I’ll be happy just to get to heaven! I don't care where I am in Heaven, I just want to get in! If you have read the Book of Revelation., John says, he saw a NEW EARTH and a NEW HEAVEN. This present Heaven and earth is going to be rolled away. Then, John says: I, John saw the NEW Jerusalem descend down from heaven to the NEW earth. The New Jerusalem also known as the Holy City. I want you to see this picture...and God said: That He would be their God, and that He would live among the inhabitants of the NEW Jerusalem. And He says, there will be no more tears, sorrow, pain, death...etc. Why? Because there won't be any SIN in that Holy City. Only righteousness, because the Lamb is Righteous, and God is Righteous...and they will be there along with the Holy Spirit at the Throne of God! Now, therefore, the only people allowed in this Holy City would be people who are believers, and who are righteous. No stain of unrighteousness in them! When you walk into that Holy City, you will see the interior walls made of gold, to compliment the awesome golden city. The Lamb and God will be the temple of the New Jerusalem. If you are a king, where would you have your throne? Inside the Holy City...but the Throne would be inside of the New Jerusalem. so, if the throne is inside the NEW Jerusalem, then the New Jerusalem has to be the Kingdom of God. That 's where the throne is. The throne of the Kingdom of God. So, the New Jerusalem can also be called the Kingdom of God. Now, only the righteous can enter into the Kingdom.

Let me ask you: Do you know what the requirement is to enter into the Wedding Feast of the Lamb? It is the wedding garment. If you do not have the wedding garment, you are not welcomed there. You need to get out. What is the weddinggarment? Revelation says, it is the Garment of Righteousness. That makes sense right? After all the Kingdom is called the Kingdom of Righteousness. Another thing that is required is a "crown of righteousness." When you read Revelation, in the early chapters, you will read that those who overcome unrighteousness, shall receive rewards. And Jesus, Himself says: I am coming quickly and My rewards are with Me. Okay, the Crown of Life, the Garment of Righteousness, the Crown of Righteousness, etc.. Those who are properly dressed, get to enter the Kingdom of God. When you look at Rev. 21:27, it says: But there shall by no means enter into "it" (the Holy City), anything that defiles, or causes an abom- ination or a lie, but only those whose names are written in the Lamb's Book of Life. (NKJ) Those who are stained with unrighteousness, cannot enter the Kingdom. So you might ask: Where do they go? Well, the ungodly sinners will go to the Lake of Fire and Brimstone, to be tormented forever and ever. But what about Christians who are born again; but, who are still involved with their unrighteous behavior? Where do they go? They will not be able to enter the King- dom of Righteousness for, their unrighteousness will contaminate all that is righteous in the Holy City. First of all: Let meask: Is there such a things as a born again person who can be involved in a thing of unrighteousness? Yes. You see those things happening every day. Paul refers to this type of Christian as carnal, fleshly Christians, allowing themselves to be led by the flesh and not by the Spirit. So what happens to these carnal Christians? Are they going to hell? No. Will they enter the King- dom of God? No. What will happen to them? They will be outside of the Kingdom of God. Some folks might say, well at least it is not hell. They will be able to see the New Jerusalem. They will be that close to the entrance to the Holy City where there is no more sin, no more pain, harassment from Satan...etc..only Righteousness...but; sorry, they will not be able to enter; for, they are stained with unrighteousness. Some might say, that's not fair. God is merciful and kind! I ask you: Will God twist the rules? Here's the story folks...If you turn to 2 Cor.3:11-For no other foundation can anyone lay than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ. Now, IF ANYONE..etc.. to v13, v.14, as by fire.” Why will that carnal Christian be saved? Because of what God had promised in John 3:16. So, it is impossible for God to lie. A promise is a promise.
He will not rec the Robe of Righteousness...but God will keep His Promise! That fire that they will experience is the purging of their unrighteousness. But God is a Keeper of His promises. They will get purged until they are fit for the Holy City. So, they might say: well, I am still happy because I don't have to spend eternity in that burning Lake of Fire. Yes, but they are going to suffer some form of burning. Intense enough to purge them. Jesus is our propitiation, we were atoned by His Blood. What He did for us, made all of us become born again...and that is the qualification to SEE and to ENTER the Kingdom of God.
In order to ENTER the Kingdom of God, it takes more than Salvation by God's Grace. Remember that Salvation by God's Grace saved you. It says: Now that you are saved, God has preplanned a life of Righteousness for you. And that is what you are supposed to be living, a life of Righteousness. Where does it say that you have to be righteous to ENTER into God's Kingdom? Gal.5:19. "NOW, the works of the flesh are evident, which are ...etc..” Paul is talking to believers here.You are not supposed to be involved with unrighteous behavior; and, he names some of them. And, he says that those whopractice such things, will not inherit the Kingdom of God. In other words, if you want to enter the Kingdom of God, you have to dispense of unrighteous behavior. You have the qualification of being born again to enter the Kingdom; but, you have to be living a life of Righteousness. I see a lot of Christians who live their lives not really to glorify God, but withouttheir knowledge they are glorifying the devil! For their actions speak for themselves! They are glorifying the devil.

A lot of Christians have this notion that when they die, they open their eyes and they are magically changed! When they were involved with unrighteous behavior, that after death, when they die, that they would have a brand new personality. Almost like angels, so holy and righteous; but a second ago, they were in the act of unrighteousness...but as soon as they die, they are magically angelic....Don't be dubbed by the devil! Your personality doesn't change after you die! The proof is in 1 Corinthians 3, where it says that your works here on earth, are going to be tested after you die. To determine if you receive a reward or a loss of rewards...yet, you will be saved, “as by fire.” You will have to stay at that place to be purged of all unrighteousness. How long will it take? Well, how long did it take you to stop doing what you were doing? Depending upon the extent of your unrighteousness or your sin, will determine your length of purging. Why not, make a change right now, by repenting, asking for forgiveness and start walking the strait line? So, when you die and wake up, you will wake as that righteous person! So God will say, come and enter the Kingdom that was prepared for you! Wouldn't you like to hear those words? God knew that we could fall into unrighteousness...that is the reason He put 1 JOHN 1:9 in His Word. So, if you should die, you will wake up as a righteous person! God will say: See that big door right there...go! But, you, carnal Christians will have to spend some time getting cleaned up! As for right now brethren,get rid of the sin that clings! Ask God to forgive you of those sins!! He is faithful and just to cleanse us from all unrighteousness! Praise God!